A Guide to Second Date Sex

A Guide to Second Date Sex
Bread and Roses Theatre
October 20th-22nd 2016 – Thurs-Sat 7pm

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Written by Rachel Hirons
Directed by Jamie Maule-Ffinch
Produced by ThereBeTheatre

Ryan: Carlton Venn
Laure: Amy Spinks

“Four outfits, gulp of Echo Falls, a push-up bra and six cigs. She’s ready.
Four press-ups, shit, shower, shave, and a cheeky pube trim. He’s ready.
Ryan and Laura meet for their second date. A true story based on YOUR sex life.
Hear their thoughts and feel their pain as you witness the rawest most hilarious portrayal of male and female attitudes, anxieties and agonisingly familiar sex tricks”.

The 1st thing you notice about this play is that IT’S SOLD OUT!!!!

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Bread and Roses Theatre,
68 Clapham Manor St,