Aaron Twitchen: Curtain Twitchen, 5 Stars

Aaron Twitchen: Curtain Twitchen, 5 Stars
C Venues – C South Venues (Venue 58)
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“Aerial-circus-stand-up fusion show. Mixing relatable stories of friendship, love and wine with jaw-dropping stunts on the aerial silks into a gossipy cabaret explosion, Aaron Twitchen takes comedy to highs you’ve never seen before… literally. As featured on BBC Radio 4 and tour support for Luisa Omeilan. An innovative new approach: intimate circus, led by stand-up comedy to a power-pop soundtrack.”

This is a show that’s running ahead of the pack! With stand-up proliferating the Fringe, flyers every 2 Steps, what can you do to make your mark? Well, hopefully, this is the start of a new genre on the comedy circuit! Except it’s not so easy to do an act like this – years of training, muscle development and physical circus skills that just don’t come overnight!

This has got to be the most original show on the Fringe. It’s why you come to the Fringe Festival. Some raw talent that’s not available anywhere else! Something unique, different and very entertaining! It’s stand-up comedy and an aerial silk act. So although there is some stand-up there’s also climbing, falling, swinging, hanging upside down like a bat – while chattering away to the audience. He makes it look easy, but of course it really isn’t!

And you know what, it’s absolutely hilarious! Of course, you know Aaron  is going to get stuck in the silks. Predictable, but still very funny! He’s camp, he’s gay and he’s very personable!


Not to give away joke spoilers but I have to say that these all appear to be original! And this makes them even funnier! Still giggling an hour later at some of them! I rarely remember comedians’ jokes, cos they can go on a bit and become instantly forgotten, however with Aaron’s jokes ……. well, my friends are in for a treat when I get back to London!

Starting off dressed in a burlesque version of a Ring-Master, crossed with the MC from Cabaret’s Kit Kat Club he looks a little formal – well formal with bling! But as his show progresses he slowly removes items of clothing until he’s down to tight black shorts with sparkly bling! Aaron is fit and not too shy, after an invitation to do so, the audience waste no time whipping out their phones to take photos! Such a crowd pleaser! All the while he has tongue in cheek humour and laughs at his situations and predicaments.

Be warned, any audience comments will be seized upon, considered, and a fast witty digression from his patter is likely to occur. This is a true pro who’s aware of the room and how to work it!

It might be a gimmick to perform your stand-up comedy routine partly on an aerial silk doing a circus act but I’ll take this over regular stand-up any day!!! We can only hope this is the next generation of stand-up!

You can see a little more of Aaron’s aerial work here:

Facebook: Aaron Twitchen Comedy

Twitter: @AaronTwitchen

Instagram: @AaronTwitchen

Website: curtaintwitchen.co.uk

Review by Richard Lambert
catching a sneaky little selfie on the way out 🙂