Act of God, 4 Stars

Act of God
The Vaults Theatre
27th Nov 2019 to 12th Jan 2020

“After many millennia, and in just 90 minutes, God (award-winning comedian Zoe Lyons as seen on ‘Mock The Week’ and ‘Celebrity Masterchef’) assisted by her devoted angels Michael (Matt Tedford, aka ‘Margaret Thatcher Queen of Soho’) and Gabriel (Tom Bowen, Johnny Castle in ‘Dirty Dancing the Musical’) will answer some of the deepest questions that have plagued mankind since creation.

In this very alternative Christmas message, ‘An Act of God’ sees a dissatisfied deity, weary of the original Ten Commandments, delivering a new version: a fresh set of rules for the modern world. This sinfully funny comedy delivers a new meaning to divine intervention as The “One” gives the first and last word on everything mankind has wrought on the planet.”

Review by Richard Lambert, 4 Stars

This is a very funny irreverant look at the World today in conversation with God who is channeling through Zoe Lyons. With Angel Gabriel (Tom Bowen) as spokesperson and Archangel Michael (Matt Tedford) as the voice of the people who also quips in with his own opinion – much to the annoyance of God.

It is hilarious! David Javerbaum‘s script is an absolute rib-tickler! From start to finish it is provocative, funny and almost quite believable. In a World so full of uncertainty I did question if this could be the reality!

Clancy Flynn never fails to deliver with lighting! With an angelic chorus of ParCans overlooking the set like a heavenly sunrise and accents on the Sound Effects the lighting add quality.

Yvonne Gilbert has a busy set of Sound Effects in addition to radio mics to help with the Vaults’ strange damp and echoey accoustics. This is brilliant and all Cued extremely tightly by the Company Stage Manager, Christine Collins.

There’s a catalogue of magic tricks which were surprising and worked really well! Scott Penrose as the Magic Consultant pulled it out of the bag including a final trick that made the audience gasp!!!! I won’t do a spoiler and describe what happens – but it was unexpected!

The Set is incredibly impressive!!! A floating cloud over the top of a large very modern double bed fills the space. With a large cloudscape headboard and intergral LEDs it’s striking and wonderful. Tim Shortall pulled out all the stops when he designed this. The costumes not quite coming up to the same level – one costume each with Gabriel, the fit one, in white T-Shirt, shorts, trainers, and a pair of angel wings. The poster image suggests you’d see a little more flesh but you’ll be disappointed.

But I did wonder why a large double bed? As presumably did the Director, Benji Sperring, who blocked the show around the bed rather than using it, making the bed feel like an elephant in the room that cramped the space of the large Set. Most of Archangel Michael’s dialogue was delivered from within the steep audience aisle which meant the audience were either looking at the back-lit silhouette of Michael or having to turn around and look behind to see him.

The final upbeat musical number distinctly lacked a choreographer – even the most simple of steps were performed without any unison or symmetry.

Despite these flaws the production is a huge amount of fun and well worth seeing!!!

Photo Credit: Geraint Lewis

Further Information

James Seabright presents
An Act of God
by David Javerbaum

27 November­ – 12 January

The Vaults Theatre
Smiths entrance
Launcelot Street
London  SE1 7AD
Box office: 0844 815 7141

Tuesday to Saturday 8pm
Saturday and Sunday matinee 4pm
(Christmas schedule varies)

Heavenly Seats: £35
General Admission: £25
Early Bird: £20

age recommendation 14+