Adam Larter: Boogie Knights, 3 Stars

Adam Larter: Boogie Knights
Heroes at the Hive – the Big Cave

“Sir Dance-A-Lot is the last of the Boogie Knights, exiled from his land where disco lovers are persecuted. Expect dungeons, dragons and disco disco disco. ‘One of the most stupidly brilliant things you’ll see’ (Fest). ‘His audience don’t suffer, though they may get dizzy at all the strangeness swirling around their heads’ ( Starring Adam Larter, Helen Duff and Sam Nicoresti. Directed by Olivier Award winner Jon Brittain (Rotterdam, Maggie Queen of Soho, John Kearns). Produced by Funny Women Award winner Alex Hardy (Dave Gorman, Tony Law)”

Review by Richard Lambert, 3 Stars

Lots of corny one-liners from songs from the 80’s delightfully pepper this show. There’s even a story running through the narrative. It’s funny and clever and silly and loaded with costumes and props and gags of every description. What they might lack in vocal training is more than made up for in witty characterisation.

Attached to the back of a bar this little hide-away manages to pack in quite a few seats just a few steps from the Mile.

Despite many technical issues with the stage going dark several times and the Sound effects and backing tracks struggling to keep up with the fast pace of the show the cast overcame these glitches and the audience loved it! The small cast of 3 bonded with the audience and were joined onstage for a finale with 4 others from the production team.

If you like comedy, this is a good warmup early on in the day.

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