Addiction: The Untold Story, 3 Stars

Addiction: The Untold Story
The Space at Venue 45

“Inspired by a true events, a young black woman rises to power in the Hollywood entertainment industry while suffering through an illness. She also deals with a sister with her own dark secret, and a fiancee with a major drug habit. A drama sprinkled with some audience suggested improv and light comedy, it maintains fully scripted theatre. Addiction deals with sex addiction head on, as well as other addictions in the world and abuse generated by those in power.”

Review by Richard Lambert, 3 Stars

I should point out that I saw the Opening show of this production and although the concept was on point, topical and poignant, the delivery felt under-rehearsed.

The Fringe never allows enough Tech time to get things sorted….and this was apparent here. Clumsy set changes, dark lighting, Sound Effects that were blasting – the show had gremlins.

BUT, the message is important – Addiction takes many forms and can be of substances or emotional. In this case in our troubled times of #metoo performing in a show where you’re required to get naked to satisfy the addiction of a Director and presenting this as a production makes for an uncomfortable 360 degree perspective. Once the tech issues are resolved, this is going to be an important piece of theatre. It highlights the well-known “casting couch.”

The cast clearly have a range of experience. With some characters more believable than others. But the stand out performance coming from the young male actor who’s regularly asked to take his clothes off “for the part”. Not only is this a brave role but by doing so he’s making a very bold statement to highlight the poignant issues within this play! He appears to be the victim, but in an interesting twist to the plot he acknowledges the addiction in the Director for what it is and attempts to capitalize on this and manipulate the situation for acting roles and money. As an audience enjoying looking at the naked handsome young man does place us in the same perspective as the character Director asking him to do so and the show Director putting this piece together. Enjoy what you see – how guilty are we all? Fabulous piece of theatre here! I wonder which audiences will “get it”?

A few more shows to let this one settle and I’m sure it will be as hugely popular as it deserves to be! I’ll be buying a ticket to see this production again later in the run.

Ramona Yates as Keri Kane
Valerie Anne-Warmack as Vanessa Kane
Stef Teran as Lorena Pavelski
Joycelyne Lew as Joyce Coture
Willis Turner as Josh Karlsson
Daniel Stevens as Mario Burns
Director: Kenne James Guillory
Assistant Director: Sandra Johnson
Marketing Manager: Jacqueline Crandall

Facebook: @AddictionTales