AGM: Unfinished Business, 4 Stars

AGM: Unfinished Business
Lamb @ Nowhere Man
11th to 13th May 2017

Steve Adams, Colin Galletly and Johnny Murph return as the entity: AGM. The ‘Audience Choice: Best Show Winners 2016’ return to Lamb with even more jokes, stories and gags. It shouldn’t be possible to cram this many jokes into 50 minutes. Steve will bring you up to date with his continued fight against the mishaps & misfortunes that come his way. One liner specialist Colin whips up a blizzard of jokes from the surreal to the downright silly. Johnny, the mild mannered man of mirth, may be one sandwich short of a picnic, but he’s on a diet. For an evening of good humour, join our AGM!

Review by Richard Lambert, 4 Stars

Arriving in good time allows a sampling of the “Cake Club”. Who doesn’t like Coffee and Cake? Banana and chocolate cake with Latte, or how about Lemon and Poppy Seed? Hmmm, yum yum!

The venue opens 10 minutes after show time and we shuffle down a very narrow steep narrow-treaded stairway holding a rope that moves instead of a rigid handrail. The basement is cobblestones covered with rugs and the individual plastic seats wobble as you sit.

A great location for a thriller or horror piece – but this is a comedy venue.

The show is still setting up, trying to get the sound system to work, and the lights are glaringly Orange-strong LED. I’m a little concerned that it’s all going a bit pear-shaped. As a Reviewer, my heart sinks. I don’t usually like standup but sat very visibly in the front row I’m determined not to let my dislike for the genre show too much – try and put on my poker face I’m telling myself.

Well I needn’t have worried! All 3 of these comedians are absolutely hilarious!!! I laughed from start to end! The jokes are punchy, topical, laugh out load and very rude!!! Definitely not safe for work or children! With a predominantly older audience the comedians got away with adult themed jokes and one-liners that I’m desperately trying to remember to text to (some of) my friends!

Come once, you’ll definitely seek AGM out again in future. Miss this show and you’ve missed a rare opportunity! Show’s are sold out so hopefully in 2018 they’ll do a longer run!