An apology to Lady Gaga, 4 Stars

An Apology to Lady Gaga
Vault Festival
14th to 16th Feb, 2023

Boyfriends at last after secretly holding torches for each other as teenagers, everything seems to be coming together. This is 2023, and it’s never been easier to be gay and proud, right? Except it’s 2.47am and Matty has disappeared again, leaving Tim behind to fear the worst as the past, present and potential futures of their relationship explode together like an episode of Doctor Who.

This sincere and affirming comic-drama digs into the complicated legacy of gay pop culture: the way it shapes contemporary queer life, and the possibility of healing in a cultural landscape dominated by queer tragedy. A celebration of living and loving with no holds barred, made by an all-queer company.

Scram & Scrum Theatre: Scram & Scrum is a young theatre company founded by Ed Cooke, Nefyn Edwards, and Giulia Hallworth, three actor/creatives who met on East 15 Acting School’s acclaimed CT course. Our mission is to make surprising work that packs a punch, celebrating the form and emotional potential of live theatre along the way.

Review by Richard Lambert, 4 Stars

This has such a crass title that I nearly didn’t want to go. However I’m so glad I did.

The show is so touching! Anyone who’s been in a relationship will engage and find poignancy in this very real story. It doesn’t matter if one is gay or straight, there are always challenges to making it work. The additional complications of being in a gay relationship, family and friend’s influences, emotions that are hard to explain, wanting to solve issues that can’t be solved, all come into play for Matty and Tim. Do you “fight or flight”? In this case, both, neither of which solves anything. Will love conquer everything? Some very clever writing and brilliant delivery in this play!

Matty and Tim absolutely nail their characters and act with believable conviction. Not once did I feel I was watching actors, it all felt so natural.

A deliciously short 60 min play that was really heartfelt!