and then the rodeo burnt down, 3 Stars

And Then the Rodeo Burned Down
King’s Head Theatre
17th Jan to 11th Feb 2023

“It’s the best place in the world so why would anyone burn it down? Can these two cowboys figure it out before time is up? In this thrilling hour of clowning, physical theatre and comedy it’s a race against time to capture the culprit, put out the metaphorical fires and save the show.
This meta-theatrical adventure is packed with boots, chaps and cowboy hats in an hour-long tale of arson. Can they finally work it all out and get a happy ending (if it’s worth saving at all)?”

Richard Lambert, 3 Stars

Have you ever had one of those moments where everyone sat around you is enjoying and chuckling but you feel you missed the punchline? Not wanting to ask cos that would ruin the joke if it has to be explained? Well this was one of those moments for me. Except it wasn’t a “moment” as it’s a 60 min show.

Extremely well performed, tight stage movements, a mix of clown, mime, physical theatre and spoken word. But I really didn’t “get it”. I still have no idea what this show is about.

There are two “rodeo clowns”. One says “I’m Dilly” and the audience laugh. I think Dilly was supposedly the shadow of the other one although there was little stage movement that demonstrated this fact as they both appeared to have sentience independent of each other.

What was great for me with this production was the dynamic lighting and soundscape – all brilliantly cued into the show. Plenty of haze providing light beam shapes in the space, along with considered use of the 4 x floor LED cube wash maintained the energy.

I couldn’t determine a story/book, it doesn’t appear to be based on fact, wasn’t making any societal statements, or showing any depth of human emotional interaction (although the 2 actors in dungarees did play chicken kiss and then kiss). Self-written and self-acted, it is a vehicle for the 2 performers to display their skills.

The audience loved it so please go (and then let me know what it is all about)!

Produced by theSpaceUK in association with Nicholas Abrams & Richard Williamson

Venue: King’s Head Theatre, Islington
Dates: 17 Jan – 11 Feb 2023
Time: 17 Jan – 4 Feb 21:00, 7-11 Feb 19:00 (1hr)
Ticket prices: £10.00- £25.00
Venue box office: 0207 2 268561
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