Animalphabet, 4 Stars
Pleasance Dome, King Dome
10:40 daily

“AnimAlphabet is a musical journey through the lives of our AnimAlphabet friends. 

Each character is fun, bright and colourful and has their own unique musical style. Characters include Colin the Country Cockatoo, Geoff the Geordie Jazz Giraffe, a Hip-Hop Donkey, a swing Alligator and a Reggae Frog.  

Children will learn musical lessons in a fun and innovative way as we strive to include new-technology within our practice. In 2018 through technology we aim to make every AnimAlphabet performance accessible to deaf and hard of hearing audiences. The video below is a proof-of-concept, but a clear example of our ongoing commitment to accessibility. “

Review by Richard Lambert, 4 Stars

Animalphabet is a fun show full of musical numbers, a good story, great cast and lots of props and costumes! The Set is clever (Victoria Spearing) and opens like a book to reveal different locations. All lit in fun vibrant colours (Michael Brenkley). I loved the tap dancing, the rapping, the donkey, the giraffe – in fact all the animals were so lovely! The Frog had the most amazing elevation! I even liked the Duck although I wasn’t supposed to as he was the evil one.

This show is also signed via a video monitor on the edge of the stage so anyone hard of hearing would have no trouble with this show. This is a Fringe First!

The children loved this show and rightly so! A great start to the day for all the family!

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