Riverside Studios
9th – 21st April 2024

“For something so artificially intelligent, it has a funny way of reading the room.”

A gripping, dark-comedy that explores the hilarious and disturbing consequences of our society’s increasing trust in Artificial Intelligence.

Three couples allow an AI relationship therapy device into their homes in the hopes it can solve the pettiest of arguments and help them grapple the most complex, human issues. Divorce, jealousy, shenanigans, could AI be the key to domestic bliss?

Review by Richard Lambert, 4 Stars

This was a nice surprise! Very funny while having an under-current of “what if” we don’t notice the warning signs hanging over and above Artificial Intelligence that’s already so prevalent in our society.

We already rely on our internet connections for information and advise on navigation, fitness, health, scheduling, entertainment and banking infrastructure. What if we start to rely on AI for relationship advise, and eventually prefer to not make any decisions ourselves but let AI guide us. Is there a point of kick-back or is this the steady decline into a World where AI’s guidance becomes control. Could AI favour one human in a relationship over another? Taking sides and displaying traits of jealousy?

Some truly remarkable questions underlie this production. The writer gently explores many possibilities within the confines of 3 x couples who each have a different perspective on AI and their own reliance on its mechanisms.

The casting is great! Each actor coming across very much as individual and personable. All very believable.

The lighting and sound trucks along nicely. The set design is possibly too simplistic and let down by black drape borders on legs that are not raised to a symmetrical similar height on each side. It’s the little tech details that haven’t quite recovered post-lockdown. The costumes do their job. The character development doesn’t travel a great journey except for Jake Mavis who does have quite a journey.

Exceptional fun with subject matter we should heed as a real warning.

Photo credit: Andrew Fosker

Leslie Ash, Paul Giddings, Ella Jarvis, Jake Mavis, Destiny Mayers, Katherine Moran, Aaron Thakar.

Creative team:
Director Hannah McLeod
Writer Aaron Thakar
Producer Ella Jarvis
Production Company Parkhouse Pictures

Parkhouse Pictures presents
by Aaron Thakar

Riverside Studios
101 Queen Caroline Street
London W6 9BN

Tuesday 9 – Sunday 21 April

Press Night
Thursday 11 April at 7.30pm

Tuesday – Saturday at 7.30pm
Saturday & Sunday at 3pm

Tickets: £30 £20 (concs)

Running time: 80 mins (no interval)

Contains strong language and sexual references

Instagram @artificiallyyoursplay