Barb Jungr: Chanson, 5 Stars

Barb Jungr: Chanson
Crazy CoqsFriday 31 March
“For this concert, Barb Jungr will be dusting off and sprucing up her world famous and critically acclaimed Chanson repertoire.For this album (her first on Linn Records), Barb opted to use specially commissioned translations by Des de Moor and Robb Johnson for her English language renditions; the songs losing nothing in their careful translation whilst allowing Barb to fully explore and explain the emotions within the songs.Chanson: The Space In Between saw Barb return to her European roots which had previously been overshadowed in performance by American genres such as blues, gospel and jazz.“I wanted to do something very different with it (No Regrets) and this version, which is the translation Piaf herself used in English, seemed to me so much more modern than the usual one. A really contemporary ‘find yourself’ song, a ‘Thelma and Louise’ chanson.”

Review by Richard Lambert, 5 Stars

Humans can be quite extraordinary. With an ability to embrace a room and carress everyone within it, sparkly bright eyes and velvety soft warmth, here comes Barb Jungr. An extraordinary singer and performer.

A fabulous selection of “chansons” majority translated into English for our enjoyment, with occasional verse returns to the French originals, all interlaced with brilliantly dry humour and witty anecdotes relevant to the song and Barb’s life events. Teasing and entertaining every single second.

An evening in Barb’s company is quite enchanting. So much emotion and performance crosses the footlights, the 80 minute concert was over far too soon.

The lighting is basic but effective. The sound was spot on – the right volume, good clarity and operated with a light touch on the warmth for the songs. A live pianist on the Grand Piano supports this classy evening.

The intimate classy space of the Crazy Coqs is the perfect setting for Barb’s performance that will create a life-long cherished memory.

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