Big Fat Gay, 3 Stars

Big Fat Gay, 3 Stars
CC Blooms, Venue 171
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“Big Fat Gay” is actually Martin R Dixon who’s been doing standup for many years.

Unfortunately, when stumbling a little in the patter, he explains this away saying it’s the Fringe and he’s really tired. This does little to help the act!

The Lighting is a little strange in the basement of CC Blooms. With 4 LED Panels set on Pink, Amber, Yellow and Magenta depending on where Martin stood he was a different colour. And when he walks across the stage it’s like walking along a rainbow-coloured zebra crossing. A little distracting and Smurf-esque. He would have looked better if the LEDs were all set to the same colour – preferably a skin tone colour.

However, Martin has a nice easy nature and quickly establishes a good rapport with the audience – talking about gay dates, diet, body types and other topics we often think about in these days of selfies and marketing.

Review by Richard Lambert