Elizabeth Taylor’s Kiss, 5 Stars

Elizabeth Taylor’s Kiss
and other brushes with Hollywood
by David Wood

a book review by Richard Lambert, 5 Stars

It’s easy to associate reading a book with certain time and place, with a style and flair. Nowadays, it’s less common to have time to sit and indulge oneself in a book. But occasionally, you come across a book that once you start you have to return and continue the story.

David Bernard Wood OBE is an English actor, author, composer, director, magician and producer.
His credentials are both vast and impressive.

What David has brought to life in his book is a ravishing collection of encounters with name-droppingly fabulous actors: Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, Shelley Winters, David Hemmings, Malcolm McDowell, Christopher Plummer, Roger Moore, Anthony Perkins, James Mason, Hayley Mills.

The book is split into six chapters, each one bringing to life a different production that David worked on. It’s perfect for reading a chapter at a time and then returning to later for a different story. Exciting stuff that doesn’t gloss over the challenges of working in the film and theatre industry. With many a tongue-in-cheek chuckle as one can do in retrospect of difficulties faced along the journey.

With a humbleness that’s endearing, and an admission of some catastrophes, it’s a wonderful read that’s rather insightful.

A highly recommended read for everyone!

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