Bottom, 4 Stars

Summerhall – Cairns Theatre

“Locked in his bathroom during a tragic third date, Willy asks: are you a top or a bottom? Bottom is about bums, Beyoncé and burnt fish fingers. Join Willy for a queer coming-of-age remix, as he questions if ‘bottom’ in the bedroom means ‘bottom’ in life – and whether Beyoncé can help put his love on top. With a cracking soundtrack, Willy’s funny, honest and open-hearted storytelling yanks the lid off the queer experience. This is for anyone who hates making the first move, who thinks they are unlovable and has tried to be someone they’re not.”

Review by Richard Lambert, 4 Stars

This original production feels very informal and welcoming. Willy breaks the 4th wall and very un-self-consciously chats away to the audience inviting regular responses. His Tech Operator, Lucy, also has “script” and interacts. Within seconds there is a huge bond and rapport between Willy and the audience. He’s just adorable!

The strong message of the show is to not classify and Judge. We all have so much more to us – our perceived sexual preferences of bedroom activities should not be the 1st question for any relationship, however this is what it boils down to on Social Dating Apps.

With just enough of a Set, and a bag of costumes and props, the show merrily trots along and is a crowd-pleaser.

The lighting seems very yellow for the interior of a flat but this is just my opinion.

Lots of laughs, a huge heart, and a strong very important message – I’d urge you to see this show!

(Photo Credit Joe Magawan)