Boy looking for friends, 2 Stars

Boy looking for friends
Bar50 (Garden Room)
daily at 11:15 (1 hour)

“Family-friendly! Solo-clown show! Boy is happy living in his suitcase until he is forced to journey to the end of the world in the greatest adventure he has ever known. Everything he encounters becomes alive, from a plush toy, to a floating suitcase, to a broom that turns into a door. Together with crocodile Crock and the spirit of his superhero – a legendary pirate Jack – Boy sets out on an adventurous journey through his deepest fears. Warm, playful tale from award-winning Polish clown, Piotr Sikora. Perfect to watch with adults and kids.”

Review by Richard Lambert, 2 Stars

A simple story of “Boy”, played by Piotr Sikora, who has a pet crocodile Crock. Every day he sleeps, wakes, gives Crock some water and walks him in the park where he spends a penny. With plenty of audience engagement and repetition the audience quickly get the idea.

Once the routine has set in we’re introduced to Boy’s quest to seek out and find Paddington. He discovers that Paddington is at sea and potentially unaware of the risk of sunburn. So Boy needs to break his promise not to phone Paddington to warn him of the sun predictions.

Boy does ask questions of the audience however the questions are too open-ended. Without much guidance, questions such as “what does flower need” got the audience helpfully offering “love, friends, etc”…….when the specific answer turns out to be “water”. The Q&A sections of the show didn’t really work that well.

With very simple props made from a cardboard shoe-box, a suitcase as a sailing boat, and a broom as a ship’s mast, the show is rather sweet and lovely. Maybe not for adults but if you have young children this could be a way to introduce them to theatre and encourage their imagination.

Boy is personable and enthusisatic about his craft.