Assembly Rooms
til Aug 27th

“Join opera and musical theatre singer, Olivia Ruggiero, for an hour of Broadway belts, West End wonders, opera classics and those earworms that you know and love from shows including Les Miserables, Anastasia, Jesus Christ Superstar, Come From Away and many more! A show for musical lovers and Broadway novices alike”

Review by Richard Lambert, 5 Stars

There is no better way to spend an hour’s of one’s time in the morning than going to see a show such as this one. BROADWAY DIVA is terrific!

Great song choices, or “ear-worms” as Olivia likes to call them, populate the show. Minimal introductions suffice to get into each selection that are cleverly selected along a theme. With a live pianist (James Hall) on stage to backup this cabaret concert.

Today was the opening preview show – and demonstrated a flawless performance from Olivia. Very personable and creating a welcoming atmosphere to everyone.

As usual at the Ed Fringe, the only thing that would improve the show is to do with the venue – a tangled microphone cable with bits of electrical tape on it is occasionally trampled on, the clump following the performer, and the reverb sometimes still on for the speech and not reserved exclusively for the vocals. Other than that, this is a lovely venue and a fabulous show.

Go see a true Diva owning the title and singing out those Broadway showtunes we all know and love!