Bulgarians, Buggery, Brokeback and Beyond, 3 Stars

Bulgarians, Buggery, Brokeback and Beyond
The Space at Surgeon’s Hall

“Tormented souls, evil villains, cliched employees, best friends and invisible men – enjoy a humorous look at the evolution of gay male characters on stage and screen in the past 100 years. This show will survey theatre and films that have plot, characters or themes which are predominantly gay, or which are secondary but significant. Geoffrey Brown has devised a “scientific” way to assess the positives and negatives of these plays and films, and will show how public views and attitudes have evolved – or not. A show of memories and surprises…”

Review by Richard Lambert, 3 Stars

Not noticing that this was in the Spoken Word section of the Fringe it was a mild surprise to turn up and find I’m back in the classroom with a projector, Power Point slides presented with a wealth of knowledge about pivotal Gay Storylines through the ages, censorship, acceptability and how these have yo-yo’d over time.

There were no Bulgarians and unfortunately no buggery….but I jest!

The hour flew past with our presenter clearly enthusiastic about subjects dear to his heart.

There were a few classics mentioned that I hadn’t seen but for the majority of his references it was a pleasant trip down memory lane of plays and films enjoyed over the years.

This show may be more niche than for general consumption but it was a very pleasant hour spent in the company of an expert historian on matters of “G” from the LGBTQ+ community.