Burlesque at Le Monde, 3 Stars

Burlesque at Le Monde
Le Monde
Cabaret and Variety

“Kick off your weekend as we mix you a heady cocktail of burlesque at Le Monde‚Äôs Dirty Martini Lounge. Prepare to have your thirst quenched by our line-up of international teasers. Whether you like your burlesque straight-up vintage style with a raucous bump’n’grind twist, a dash of sultry sirens, or a comedic chaser on the side, our sassy lads and lassies will leave you shaken and stirred.

Review by Richard Lambert, 3 Stars

In a beautiful bar serving cocktails on the 1st floor of Le monde Hotel, this is the perfect setting for an evening Cabaret Burlesque Show.

With a magnificent host from Germany, using a French accent, occasionally dropping into some Scottish, tonge-in-cheek Marlene hosts and warms up the crowd. Julia, the producer, is the “knicker-picker-upper” for the evening. Marlene is a wonderful tease and the audience are in her hand.

There is a wide-range of talent in the show but there are 2 x Boylesque performers who I’m sorry to say didn’t come up to the standard of the girls. The 1st one rode around on a boy’s hobby-horse in a cowboy outfit. The 2nd one did a “Kylie Mydick” song in a pink 2 piece slapping a dildo on older gentlemen’s foreheads in the audience. Hmmm. Just not very original and really let the show down. There are many boys on the Fringe who can do Boylesque so a shame this production didn’t attract any.

Some wonderful singing from Ivy Paige, the resident chantress at LeMonde, helped the show.

But with all the lighting coming from some front LEDs in Blue the quality of the evening felt challenged. Then Kitty Bang Bang headlined the cabaret and was magnificent! Her act made it all worth while! What a tornado! Nailed it!

You can take Grandma and Grandpa to this one – it’s all very tongue-in-cheek!