Burn the Floor – Rebels of Ballroom, 5 Stars

Burn the Floor – Rebels of Ballroom
Underbelly, McEwan Hall
13:00   15:00

“The Burn the Floor dancers are the true rebels of the ballroom. With their famous, infectious and rebellious energy, they have performed their ground-breaking moves right around the world, from Beijing to Broadway, totally reinventing the ballroom dance styles. This electrifying production, with their emotionally powered cha-cha, passionate tango, sizzling samba, smoking hot rumba and full tilt jive will have you leaping out of your seats to join in. A sensational dance blockbuster… Buckle up! ‘Irresistible’ (New York Times). ‘Quite simply, intoxicating’ (Daily Express). ‘Exhilarating. Electrifying’ (Independent).”

Review by Max Bennett, 5 Stars

A very energetic and captivating show from beginning to end!! And the same goes for the technical aspects. With a great use of spotlights on stage and in the audience as well as the lighting providing the correct atmosphere for each song and dance style being depicted.

Each costume change was very slick also with quite a basic layout for the set design.

The only quarm I had was that the singers mic sounds wasn’t equal to the backing tracks and therefore sometimes the vocals would disappear under the track!!

Overall a very successful show!!!

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