Cam Gavinski, Bonheure, 3 Stars

Gilded Balloon, Teviot, Underground
til Aug28th

“Every male comedian talks about his dick, but in Bonheur, a coming-of-age musical comedy by Thai-American comedian and Fringe newcomer Cam Gavinski, he talks to his dick: a penis puppet by the name of Pipi LeSpew. Simultaneously skewering toxic-masculinity and the genre of “solo show,” Gavinski exposes his most embarrassing story from puberty: when he was blackmailed by a stranger on the internet over his privates going public.”

Review by Richard Lambert, 3 Stars

The title is a play on the word “boner” so you know this is not going to be a family show. Cam’s penis is a puppet that sticks out of Cam’s flies. It is French and named “Pepe le Spew”, complete with a french beret and dodgy accent to rival “Hello Hello”. What’s not to like. Pepe was very well made, nicely turned out, and very likeable!

With sketches that cover the gamet from accidentally being in line of sight of grandmother one pleasurable afternoon to online chat rooms for late-night conversations with friendly strangers in a similar frame of mind as a young man, Cam managed to do a Joel Dommett on Skype with a woman from the Philippines and got blackmailed.

I’ve regularly had blackmail emails claiming similar, however, this one was genuine and backed up with actual photos so landed heavily on Cam and his family.

There are many laughs along the journey but in this performance Cam’s head mic packed up, then the connection to his electric keyboard and finally a wired mic on a stand was supplied but with the keyboard on the stage floor and the mic on a stand balancing in his lap the technical got slightly out of hand. Rescued by a willing audience member to hold the mic the final song was achieved with audience participation and pure tenacity!

An hour of unforgettable comedy that is the sort of show that makes the Fringe worthwhile!