Can’t Wait to Leave, 4 Stars

Can’t Wait to Leave
Waterloo East Theatre
21st to 26th Feb, 2023

Review by Richard Lambert, 4 Stars

What an exciting performance Zach Hawkins shows within this powerful play.
Gripping from start to finish, he’s a talent to look out for.

Stephen Leach‘s premiere play is extremely well written and shows a budding new playwright. Ryan comes to live in a new city which unearths several challenges. Ryan survives in a grotty flat while using his bicycle for a delivery job. With a more successful brother his self-reliance extends into accepting charity from an older gentleman. Like a cat playing with a mouse, Ryan isn’t perfect in his behaviour. His character flaws are what clinch the success of this story and his journey through life especially when he then becomes a victim. This is what makes the play’s story so powerful.

Part of the charm of the piece is that Stephen Leach, the writer, also directed and produced. The production is a little rough and this in the main works. But the play would benefit from a producer, a costume designer, a lighting designer, a sound designer and another voice in the room from a director who isn’t the writer. There is so much potential in this play and it would be fabulous to see it presented with a team who could add a little polish.

It’s only on for a week – go see it right now!

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