Circa: Humans 2.0
Queen Elizabeth Hall
12th – 16th April 2023

“Circus meets contemporary dance and pulsing electronic beats when internationally renowned circus group Circa brings Humans 2.0, to the Southbank Centre for its London Premiere. A symphony of acrobatics, music, sound and light, Humans 2.0 explores the challenge of being human, pushing bodies to their extreme. This incredibly physical performance asks if humankind can ever find a perfect balance — or whether adapting to constant change is the only way forward. Created by circus visionary Yaron Lifschitz, this next chapter of Circa’s acclaimed Humans is a tightly woven choreography of bodies,  revealed in Paul Jackson’s dramatic lighting, with music by composer Ori Lichtik.”

Review by Richard Lambert, 5 Stars

Take a standard circus and “drum roll please…….<cymbal crash>” for each and every trick and tumble with a milking of the crowd for applause.
That is NOT Circa: Humans 2.0

With calm, focussed energy, and continuous performance, it’s taking those cymbal crash moments and making them into every beat of the music. Those moments never stop. The audience barely breathe in the early parts of the show, not wanting to interrupt and be responsible for distraction. Then one brave soul does clap and from then on there is clapping on the occasional moments that allow.

Not that the cast acknowledge the applause. They’re too busy performing. Nothing would distract this troupe. The lighting must be blinding for them but you wouldn’t know that. The show has beautiful lighting adapting and amplifying the atmosphere.

An athlete jumping into the air can only remain in the air for about one second. With this in mind, how on earth do they manage to walk and jump and run and catch each other with such intersecting staging – split-second timing has never been so necessary. It’s an unbelievable sequence of moves that must have taken thousands and thousands of hours to rehearse and put together never mind the years of training to get the skills in the first place.

The musicality of the production is energising and driven. Every movement is on the beat, every leap and land hits a musical accent. The musical nuances echoed and reflected in the performance.

The circular flooring is a nod to circus roots and adds to the thoughfulness that’s gone into the construct of Circa: Humans 2.0

I don’t know how many of the elements could have been achieved without causing injury. I often felt “that must hurt”. I literally held my breath and gasped at other moments. The 100% standing ovation at the end of the show speaks volumes.

Photo credit: Arnaud Mbaki

Cast & Creatives:
Yaron Lifschitz, Artistic Director and CEO of Circa
Ori Lichtik, Composer
Paul Jackson, Lighting Designer
Sophie Seccombe, Acrobat
Georgia Webb, Acrobat
Kimberley Rossi, Acrobat
Christina Zauner, Acrobat
Fran Alvarez, Acrobat
Scott Grove, Acrobat
Marty Evans, Acrobat
Daniel O’Brien, Acrobat
Jon Bonaventura, Acrobat
Sam Letch, Acrobat

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