Derriere on a G String, 4 Stars

Derriere on a G String
Lillian Bayliss Theatre
1st to 4th October 2019

“Subverting some of the best-loved pieces of classical music, Derrière on a G String is a raucous new comedy dance sensation from choreographer Alfred Taylor-Gaunt (the award-winning The Limit, Vault Festival 2019; Stand and Deliver!, Kings Head Theatre), vocalising life’s first world problems through a hilariously imaginative series of dance and physical theatre sketches.
Following an extensive workshop over the last three years, and a sold-out run at the Tristan Bates Theatre, this fresh and mildly risqué sketch show blends the chaotic with the camp in a salacious smorgasbord of physical feats by a dynamic group of young artists. Reminiscent of the legendary comedic stylings of Laurel and Hardy and Mitchell and Webb, the production aims to broaden the universal appeal of dance through comedy.
Written, directed and performed by an ensemble of young creative talent including Joshua Sinclair-Evans (Spiderman: Far From Home and The Lodge, Disney) and Sammy Moore (The Evermoor Chronicles, Disney; Father Brown, BBC), Derrière on a G String is an alternative and exciting comedy show told solely through movement, bloodshed and a whole lot of booty.
Choreographer and Director Alfred Taylor-Gaunt comments, I think people tend to have quite a fixed idea of what dance is and it puts them off coming to see it. They think it’s either going to be twee, dated and dull, or weird and inaccessible. I love dance, but far too frequently even I find myself just bored or baffled while watching it. I wanted to make something that everyone would enjoy – something even my Dad would find entertaining! I’d like this show to be the ‘gateway drug’ for non-dance audiences, creating a bridge between dance and more widely popular forms of theatre to broaden the audience for the dance industry.”

Review by Richard Lambert, 4 Stars

Alfred Taylor-Gaunt has created one of the wackiest most unique piece of theatre I’ve had the pleasure of watching. Imagine a comedy sketch show but the humour is a little more inventive and it’s performed via the medium of interpretive dance. Yes, really! It was a lot of fun!

The Designer (Libby Todd) has done wonders to create the house that Jack built with windows, doors, traps and flaps along with other set pieces that wheel on and off – quite a sophisticated set of builds! Along with a multitude of costumes and an amazing swan costume! Very tongue in cheek and of practical use to keep the pace up and fast.

The G-String in the title didn’t appear – but some more cumbersome dance belts were on occasional show. Surprising really as the dancing was more staging than dance and didn’t really have movements that required a dance belt. If there was one thing that I missed was a lack of ballet technique and unison but they more than made up for it in comedic performance.

There were many ideas and concepts to keep you chuckling, all lit very competently by the incredibly talented Andrew Ellis who’s no stranger to lighting dance performance. Mixing in the right amount of face fill lighting for the comedic expressions, side lighting for the bodies, height and depth for the Set and always hitting the right atmosphere. Andrew generated a design that exceeded any comedy sketch show you’re ever likely to see and called on many techniques from other theatre genres.

“Ground-breaking theatre”? This is it!

Choreographer & Director Alfred Taylor-Gaunt
Jonathan Mewett
Sammy Moore
Alex Murray
Ruth Emily Plaxton
Joshua Sinclair-Evans
Aisling Tara

Designer Libby Todd
Lighting Designer Andrew Ellis
Consultant Creative Adam Lenson
Associate Creative Imogen Myers
Assistant Director John Scott Douglas

Box Office Tickets are £25 with some concessions available from and 0207 863 8000.
Notes Age 14+ (under 16s to be accompanied by an adult)
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