This page has been created to share experiences caused by the cancellation of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2020.

It’s a difficult time for everybody, but only some of the venues, accommodation agencies and landlords are being helpful while some are not so.

Please email   to add your experiences here.

Both good and bad experiences are welcomed for submittal to this page.


theSpace UK
Offering full credit or refunds – participant’s choice


point blank refuse to offer refunds, have flimsy contracts with landlords
will rollover agency fee to 2021

Evidence 1
£885 and £277.68 agency fees paid to Edlets
Edlets refuse to refund even anything despite there being plenty of time to re-let and gain further agency fees

I’d really like to know what Dean Johnson wrote that Edlets had removed:


Amir Khan
holding onto payments and refuses to offer refunds or credit
no rollover offered

Evidence 1
£2507.50 paid as 50% pre-payment back in Dec 2019
Accommodation cancelled with 6 months notice
Plenty of time for Amir Khan to re-let the property


The Competition and Markets Authority state:

Regulator the CMA says it’s been swamped (as have we) with complaints from consumers who are being rejected for refunds after coronavirus cancellations, and it says regardless of the contract, you are usually due a full refund if:

– No goods or service was provided.
– The firm can’t provide the service due to lockdown.
– You can’t use the service due to lockdown.

The Stage Newspaper

Stephanie Silver, an actor, writer and producer, paid £2,000 upfront for accommodation in a hostel to provide her accommodation during August. She had planned to take a production to the fringe with her company Glass Half Full Theatre.

Following the cancellation of the fringe last month, she was told the deposit was “non-refundable”.