Exposure the Musical

Exposure the Musical
St James Theatre Main Stage
18th July – 27 August 2016
Review by Richard Lambert 3 Stars ***

Starring David Albury (The Lion King National Tour), Natalie Anderson (Wicked, Emmerdale), Michael Greco (Chicago, Eastenders) and Niamh Perry (Mamma Mia), Exposure is brought to life using projections of iconic photography from the Getty Images archive, never before seen on a theatrical stage.
Self-described: “Young photographer Jimmy Tucker faces the biggest and most exciting challenge of his life when a stranger commissions him to find and shoot the seven deadly sins alive and kicking in modern London.But in a break-neck race through the night, a series of extraordinary encounters involving girlfriends, family history and the intoxicating cult of celebrity begin to reveal that there’s a whole lot more at stake than just money.Weaving a breathtaking, contemporary score around a dazzlingly witty portrait of the price of fame, Exposure is an electrifying and brilliantly original new musical that is simply unmissable.Contains haze, flashing lights, smoking, loud noises, strong language and scenes of a sexual nature”.
What’s not to like………Well, where should I begin.

It was certainly an entertaining show! I’ve never seen anything quite like this!

I’d definitely recommend seeing it – but possibly for all the wrong reasons. I’m all for diversity in a cast, but when this cast of characteristically diverse characters are placed in body hugging white lycra that’s blood-splattered, and that’s just the men, while performing the seven (“7even” … why???) Deadly Sins via the medium of interprative dance you have to wonder “what was this creative team taking?” Thankfully someone had the bright idea of placing the very handsome David Albury shirtless and barefoot downstage centre in a spot as a distraction.

He did really well to continue to writhe in agony for each and every one of the entire “7even” Deadly Sins.

Don’t believe me?
Well take a look at this:
042EXPOSURE-The-Musical-1-©-Pamela-Raith tn-500_l-rmichaelgreco(milesmason)&davidalbury(jimmy)-exposurethemusical-st.jamestheatre-pamelaraithphotography-(021)

There was some lovely  singing from the cast.
Some very very odd choreography (single leg hip twitches featured a lot!) from Lindon Barr.
Some costumes that were surely taking the **** by Carla Goodman.
An atrocious book and script by Mike Dyer.
A story more suited to a children’s morning show at a holiday park than a West End show.
Some amazing video content that was incredibly well integrated to the music and plot
by Timothy Bird, who also designed the impressive dynamic set.
Unfortunately the projections came from the front splashing onto the cast.
Some great lighting in the pop and rock numbers (Ben Cracknell).

index image_45 4875
Some of the highlights of the show were the songs beautifully sung by David Albury
and Natalie Anderson! Upstaged by the ghost of his dead father.
image_46 Exposure-The-Musical-9851 exposure
It’s a shame the show closed. But this was a very expensive production!
If it had been done in a smaller venue perhaps it would have run and run and become a cult classic.
It was so over the top that you had to see it to believe it! It was so bad that it became good.
And as the Producers realised, if all else fails, get David to take his shirt off and the audience will love it!