For Only An Hour, 3 Stars

For Only An Hour
Dance Base
Dance, Physical Theatre and Circus

“‘Sanger is one of the most versatile artists on the British stage, as this performance amply demonstrates’ (Dance Europe, 2018). Danced to a hilarious medley of Angela Lansbury, Delia Smith and Bette Midler this one-man romp is a pseudo-glamorous jaunt through pop culture, queer art, childhood dreams and life-changing surgery. It may be entertaining, but it demands a punishing vulnerability of the performer with surprises at every turn. Supported by haunting music by Donna McKevitt, glittering queer garments by Andrew Walker, mentoring by Wendy Houstoun and a unique improvised lighting design by Jen Wren.”

Review by Richard Lambert, 3 Stars

Autobiographical, one man performance piece from Phil Sanger and it encompasses stand-up direct conversations with the audience, pantomime shout-outs, “bolter” which we’re told is “dance without elegance style or technique”, song, dance, costume changes and a fair amount of glitter.

With fabulous lighting from Jen Wren this is clearly a piece of collaboration with the artist. Lighting that matches the shows blocking perfectly! An artist that hits his mark. Quite unusual on the Fringe! It’s very funny, it’s moving, it’s a little disturbing in places, and it doesn’t always make sense.

Phil is very approachable and quick witted – the banter with the audience works well! Possibly his “Polari” section was a little difficult to follow and over-egged but his interpretive dance by way of pastiche contemporary dance was absolutely hilarious!

A long lasting impression from this show – “what the blinking heck was that?” but in a barking mad but good way!