Gayshit, 1 Star

Gayshit, 1 Star
Just the Tonic at the Caves, the Big Room (Venue 88)
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Wayne Carter looks exactly like his poster! It’s a great look and he does a musical number to get the show started.

This is a show where other gay Comedians working the Fringe are invited to come and perform a short slot. The line up can make or break a show such as this. It’s a brave format!

However, if you start your own stand-up routine by dissing another comedian who’s just finished their act in same venue before you, and belittle their success in winning awards, then you should really test the water of feeling from your audience as you swim into this deep dark water. The audience did not show any approval for colleague bashing and the good start to the show was all lost.

The Sound in this venue is a major problem! If it wasn’t buzzing loudly it was off or at least the stage left speaker stack was off, or sometimes buzzing. All the way through the show the Sound cut in and out. This wasn’t acknowledged or commented on. However, later in the show, when Wayne was failing to win over the audience, he chatted instead to Jess the technician and told us that the best technicians were all lesbians as they know what they’re doing technically. Well, maybe they do, but how any of this entertaining? Jess responded by turning off the lights. And they both had a chuckle, alone.

And then there was an American comedian who chatted and sang about Schindler’s List. Now, call me frigid but I found nothing at all humourous in his song creation about the atrocities of WW2. I actually found his set a little offensive. And the guy sat in front of us left. Randy Rainbow he is not!

Thankfully, there were some other great comedians – Sam Lake, Hurricane Katie (Katie Pritchard) and a drag queen who was poorly announced that I missed her name. These were fabulous and worth going to see when they do their own shows! They saved the night!

Review by Richard Lambert