Happily Ever Poofter, 5 Stars

Happily Ever Poofter
Two Brewers
5th July 2019

“Like Disney? Like cock?

Then you’ll love “Happily Ever Poofter” – the hot new Disney musical parody!

Prince Henry – the heir to the throne of a Kingdom Far, Far Away – is on a quest to find true love and live happily ever after. There’s just one problem… He’s the only gay in the Kingdom.

Join Prince Henry on his hilarious, irreverent journey from the depths of his Fairytale Kingdom to the shining, shimmering, splendid world of London’s gay scene. Featuring all your favourite Disney classics, such as “High Ho!“, “Oh, I’ve just come out to the King!“, “Some day my Prince will cum” and many more…

Will Henry ever find his one true love? Can he ever find acceptance in his Kingdom? Or is he destined to a life of solitude with only his woodland creature friends for company? Come and find out at the exclusive world premiere of this highly-anticipated show brought to you by London theatreland favourite Rich Watkins.

This is Disney, but not as you know it… Because if they’re not going to do a gay love story, then we’ll bloody well have to do it ourselves”

Review by Richard Lambert, 5 Stars

Richard Watkins grabs his audience right from the start and maintains the rapport through to the finish. There’s something very engaging about his performance, feeling heartfelt and honest. On the surface is a Disney Prince who doesn’t quite fit in, but there’s a slow realisation that perhaps there’s more to be found elsewhere. Like so many gay youth, this Prince leaves town to find it.

What he finds is exactly what you’d expect – there is a certain anonymity which allows self-discovery without observation of childhood friends and family, but this actually comes from within, and is not from your location.

Sung to parodies of well-known favourites, with hilarious lyrics, this very clever inter-woven fairytale for adults touches all the emotions. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you’ll rejoice – and you might even have a little sing-along yourself.

This is a show that’s supported by great choreography, amazing costumes, a hint of a Set, sufficient sound effects and plenty of musical tracks. It zips along with a much needed feel-good factor!

If you’re headed to the Edinburgh Fringe, you can check it out as it’s part of the Free Fringe daily from 3rd to 9th August at 21:40

The Outhouse
Venue 99
12a Broughton Street Lane, EH1 3LY

Tickets and Further Info: Click here

Written and performed by Richard Watkins
Directed by Denholm Spurr
Choreographed by Simone Murphy
Creative Consultant Katharine Drury
Set Design Andrew Springate
Costume Design Richard Watkins
Publicity and Video Design Denholm Spurr