HOT ICE 2023
Blackpool Arena
6th July to 9th Sept 2023

“This year’s Hot Ice Show is set to be a passionate one!

The world famous Hot Ice Show returns to the Pleasure Beach Arena from 6th July to 9th September with this year’s production, Amore Amor Amour.

The Hot Ice Show is widely recognised as the most spectacular ice skating show in the world.  Known for its dazzling performances and innovative choreography, Hot Ice has been wowing audiences for decades and this year is no exception.

Amore Amor Amour is a show that has been created by a passion for sport and art that has been put together to reveal the world’s best show figure skaters.  We bring you a cast of over 30 skaters who will perform awe-inspiring routines, triple jumps and daring lifts at extreme speeds.

This mesmerising production combines the grace and beauty of figure skating with the excitement of theatrical storytelling.  Stylish costumes, unbelievable feathers and glittering rhinestones set the ice alight to dazzle the senses.  Captivating music, intricate set designs, and state-of-the-art lighting effects add to the visual spectacle, creating a truly immersive experience.

Amanda Thompson OBE, has been the Producer and Director of the Hot Ice Show for over 25 years and brings cutting edge creativity.  The show is choreographed by Oula Jaaskelainen, a former Olympic competitor and Hot Ice cast member, Oula is assisted by former dancer Lynsey Brown.”

Review by Richard Lambert, 5 Stars

Think you know ice skating? HOT ICE will make you think again. The ice skatimg available on the television tends to be some reality tv show pairing professional skaters with celebrities and usng creative smoke and mirrors in an attempt to make this entertaining. Or, you’re watching the international competitions who have become very “samey” due to the IJS scoring system which tends to make every skating programme look identical. It may be surprising but the skaters in international competitions must be “amateur” to retain eligibility status to compete.

Take away all these constraints, and ice skating can become the most exciting theatrical event you’d ever witness.

The speed, athleticism, glamour, flash and breath-taking jumps, spins, throws and exhilirating dare-devil movements are all in HOT ICE. Outrageous costumes – ranging from warrior-like armour to soft flowing fabrics, multi-coloured feather head-dresses, topped off with an Act 1 finale from Swan Lake with bare-chested men and beautiful white plumed women. Very hetero-normative full throttle family entertainment that is unforgettable!

Every theatrical effect is used – snow, bubbles, haze, mist, sparks, mirror balls, dry ice, fire, water, video wall in addition to the set pieces of silks, stage cloths, the pea-light stars and starry proscenium border. The traditional is also integrated with soft focus follow-spots, work-horse par cans, scrollers and water-drop from buckets. New for this season is the LED batten border lights which allow finer control for focus and multiple colour choice that make the costumes zing!

But what will take your breath away is the attack of the skaters powering into their jumps – triples after triples, one boy after the other, almost landing on top of each other. You can see it in their faces: total emotional engagement and the passion. You can feel the air move around you with a wind from their speed. They are literally pushing themselves to the very edge, skating on a knife’s edge. With several entrances and exits to and from the rink there are several moments when the skaters are in the aisles amongst the audience and this ups the excitement.

It’s such a well respected ice show within the skating community and this must be one of several reasons casting can attract the best in the World. With so many elite performance skaters from all over the World, it’s fantastic to see our own British skaters also in the show. Nadia Craggs, Francesca Guerin, Matthew Fogg and James Horrocks, performing in their home rink where they actually learnt to skate, PJ Hallam, Sam McAllister and Amelia Smith.

But of course it’s all put together and held together by Amanda Thompson, OBE. There is so much within this show it’s a wonder anyone can keep track of it all to create this spectacular. But once again, here it is, put together by Amanda, theatrical Goddess of her craft, with new numbers, new staging and new choreography. Elegant seques and smooth segways covering hundreds of costume changes in a beautifully seamless production.

I arrived midday travelling from London in just 3 hours, dropped my bags, went to the Pleasure Beach and did the roller coasters! Could not miss VALHALLA, re-opened this season after several years of refurb, and laughed the entire ride! Think Indiana Jones in his Temple of Doom, with fire, ice and lots of water! Yes, it’s a wet one! But soooooo much fun!

You can’t get quality entertainment like this anywhere else in the country!

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For more information, or to book tickets, visit  or at the Pleasure Beach Arena Box Office. Shows take place from 6th July to 9th September every Monday to Saturday. Evening shows commence at 7.00pm with a matinee performance on selected dates at 2.30pm. Tickets range from £10 to £32.

Show and Dine packages are available.  To find out more, or to book, please call 0871 222 9090*

Calls cost 13 pence per minute plus your company’s access charge.

Creative Team

Producer and Director: Amanda Thompson OBE
Choreographer: Oula Jaaskelainen
Assistant Choreographer: Lynsey Brown
Cast Coordinator and PA to Amanda Thompson OBE: Alexa Jayne Robinson
Lighting Designer/Operator: Jack Norman
Production Manager: Tom Shea
Technical Manager: David Bailey
Head Followspot Operator: Isaac Jones
Headdresses and Harnesses: Joanne Blackburn

Cast biogs for Hot Ice Amore Amor Amour 2023

Nadia Craggs – Blackpool
Special skill figure skater Nadia Craggs trained right here in Blackpool Pleasure Beach from the age of three and not only that, her coaches were former Hot Ice skaters Sammi Leyden-Keith, Katie Stainsby and Oscar Peter.  Nadia has performed in shows around the world and has an international audience of fans. We are delighted that she is back for a third year in her home town show, Hot Ice.

Francesca Guerin – Blackpool
Talented special figure and ice dance skater Francesca Guerin put on her first pair of boots aged just five, and has been wowing audiences ever since. Even though Francesca has trained in Blackpool Pleasure Beach Arena, this is her first year joining us at Hot Ice. Not only is she accomplished in ice skating with mastering camel spins and spirals, Francesca is also studying for a degree in Psychology at Sheffield University. We are excited to welcome this multi-talented professional through our doors.

James Horrocks – Blackpool
Some say that James Horrocks is a master of all trades. With 16 years of ice skating experience to his name, James also has a degree in Architecture. He was trained by former Hot Ice skater Oscar Peter in venues across the North West including Blackpool Pleasure Beach. After representing GB in international competitions and performing on two cruise ships, we are so proud to have James back for his seventh year with us.

Matthew Fogg – Blackpool
With 19 years of ice skating experience under his belt, Matthew Fogg returns to Hot Ice for his fourth season. As a local lad with a passion for entertaining, Matthew started his ice skating legacy right here at Blackpool Pleasure Beach Arena and is a master in figure skating, pairs and adagio pairs. After competing nationally for the UK as a boxer as well as a skater, he turned to shows and entertaining audiences from across the country. We can’t wait to welcome him home.

Peter James Hallam – Sheffield
Gifted skater Peter James Hallam has been making tracks in the ice since he was eight years old. A record holder to three British titles, as well as competing nationally and internationally, Peter also starred in BBC Three’s program Freeze. Join him for his second year at Hot Ice and watch as he performs all of his special tricks – yes, that includes backflips!

Amelia Smith – Hull
Amelia Smith has been skating since she was six years old, and has joined us previously on Illusion On Ice and Holiday On Ice. Not only is Amelia a talented figure skater, with a wealth of knowledge behind her, she also has a Fine Art Diploma. Her first show with us was in 2019, and we are so pleased that the uber talented performer joins us once again for another season. Welcome back Amelia!

Simon Proulx Senecal – Canada
As an Olympic and World Champion, Simon has been skating since the age of just seven. He trained at the Ice Academy in Montreal and specialises in ice dance and adagio. He is a master in lifts and has a Degree in Sciences too. This is Simon’s third Hot Ice Show with us and we are looking forward to watching him take to the rink once again.

Laurent Gray – Canada
Originally from Canada, Laurent Gray started skating at the age of five. As well as performing with us for three years, Laurent has also placed four times in senior category championships. Laurent not only excels in triple jumps, but they are also studying for a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and Marketing. Welcome back Laurent!

Anna Kublivoka – Russia
After starting out her ice skating career at the age of five, Anna has been professionally skating for two decades. Originally from Belarus, Anna is a National Champion who specialises in ice dance. As well as studying at university, Anna has been skating with us for two years in shows like Holiday On Ice. We look forward to Anna performing with us again.

Daria Perminova – Russia
Daria has been skating since she was three years old. As a professional skater of more than twenty years, Daria has performed with us in Holiday On Ice as well as also performing on cruise ships and in Cirque Du Solei.  As a specialist in complex and interesting lifts and adagio pairs, we look forward to seeing Daria wow our audiences in Amore Amor Amour.

Kona Tuuchini – Japan
Kona is a National Champion in Japan, and has previously skated with us in Holiday On Ice. She is single figure skater, with some of her best tricks being split jumps and spins. Kona is also very skilled in ballet and piano – is there anything she can’t do? Welcome back for another year Kona!

Mykhailo Rudkovskyi  – Ukraine
Mykhailo is not only a talented skater who specialises in figure skating, he also speaks four languages and has competed in high level competitions. Mykhailo is returning for another year with us after previously performing in Holiday On Ice. We are on the edge of our seats waiting to see Mykhailo perform his triple axel spin as he once again stuns audiences for this year’s production of Amore Amor Amour.

Gavriil Kokovkin – Russia
After training at the Centre of Olympic Sport, Gavriil has ranked in national competitions and specialises in single figure. After performing with us previously in 2021, we are thrilled to once again have the talented Gavriil back on our iconic rink. We just know he is going to put on a show-stopping performance, welcome back!

Xiaoyu Yu – China
Xiaoyu is a sporting champion! With rankings in World Championships, the Olympics and also a ranking in Grand Prix, Xiaoyu has been performing with us for two years. With an interesting skill of hydroblading, Xiaoyu’s discipline is pairs. Once again she will leave our audiences wanting more as she performs spirals, twist lifts, death spirals and more.

James Min – Australia
James Min joins us from across the water. He specialises in figure men’s singles and is also a 3 time National Junior Champion and 2 time National Silver Medallist. James is a talented singer and song writer. It is his first time performing with us at Hot Ice and we can’t wait to give him a warm welcome. See you on the rink, James!

Lukasz Kedzierski – Poland
Lukasz started skating when he was six years old. Since then, he has ranked nationally in championships and has joined us for two previous Hot Ice shows: Holiday On Ice and Illusion On Ice. Lukasz loves to travel and alongside being a coach himself, he has performed across the globe. It’s great to have Lukasz back with us for another year.

Amanda Daniel – Canada
Amanda’s first pair of ice skates were given to her at the young age of just two. As a free skate specialist, she has competed nationally and performs special tricks such as spirals, split jumps and layback spins. As well as performing on Royal Caribbean cruise ships, Amanda has skated with us for five seasons. To top it all off, she is currently studying for a BSC in Physiotherapy in London.  Welcome back Amanda!

Clara Callne – Sweden
Clara started skating at aged 6, and as a single skater she competed in the Bronze Junior Swedish Nationals. Clara has performed on Navigator of the Seas and Adventure of the Seas, and her special trick is spirals. She is currently studying a Masters Programme in Sports Psychology. We are looking forward to welcoming Clara through our doors and show her off to our audiences.

Sam McAllister- Ireland
Sam has been skating since the age of ten and was trained by his very own mother. As a national champion, Sam specialises in figure skating and fire staff spinning. Although he skated at the European Championships 2023, this is his first show with us and we are excited to welcome him through our doors.

Anete Lace – Latvia
Anete starting skating at the age of three. As a single ladies’ skater, she is a three time Latvian Junior Champion, two time World Champion, and European Champion, Anete has previously performed with us in Holiday On Ice. She is sure to grab the attention of our audience as she beautifully shows her skill in this year’s Amore Amor Amour.

Kelsey Russel – Canada
Kelsey has a wealth of skating experience, she first stepped on the rink just aged five. She is a master in hydroblading and stakes in adagio pairs and figure. Kelsey has been in eleven shows throughout her career and this is her eighth season with us at Hot Ice. As a qualified French teacher, she has performed and skated across the globe including a skating academy in Mexico. We are very proud to have her back for another year at Hot Ice.

Bennet Toman – Canada
As a figure skater, Bennet has been skating since aged six. After placing nationally and internationally in competitions, he is also studying for a Bachelor of Engineering Studies in Sustainable Environmental Management. This is Bennet’s first show with us here at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, and we are really excited to have him showing his skills in our arena.

Amy Yamanoi Slaught –  Japan / USA
As a figure skater, Amy has gold and silver medals in ice skating and has also ranked nationally in her college competition. She has previously performed in Tokyo’s Christmas Ice Show, with some of her best skills being split jumps, biellmann spin and l-shaped spins and improvised dancing. This is her first show with us and we look forward to welcoming her talent.

Natalia Ogonettsteva – Russia
Natalia is a single skater, who put on her first pair of boots aged four.  As a master of sport, not only can Natasha perfectly execute triple loops and spins, she also placed 2nd at the Grand Prix in Mexico 2013. Not to mention she can also play the drums! Natasha has performed with us in our production of Illusion On Ice and we are proud to have her back.

Denis Cheprasov – Russia
Denis first started performing in shows when he was sixteen in Russian Ice Theatre, and has been developing his skating skills since he was six years old. His broad experience means he is skilled in jumps and has performed on cruise ships as well as with us in Holiday On Ice and Illusion On Ice. We are highly anticipating his return and we are looking forward to bringing you the very best of ice skating talent, all under one roof.

Olga Ikonnikova – Estonia
Olga is a single skater, and has been perfecting her skills since she was six years old. She has medals for competing nationally and in Europe, and stuns audiences with her incredible spins and spirals. This is her 11th year with us after previously performing in Holiday On Ice and Illusion On Ice. Not only is Olga a talented skater, she is also musically gifted and plays piano.  We are really excited to see her again this year.

Anna Kublikova – Russia
Anna has been skating since she was 5 and ranked 1st place in the Belarus Championships. She specialises in ice dance and has been skating with us for two years. Anna is taking dance classes as well as studying for her degree at university, she really is multi-talented! As a professional skater who has competed in Europe and across the globe, we are looking forward to seeing her perform at The Arena.

Anastasiia Kolomiets – Russia
Since she was seven years old, Anastasiia has been captivating audiences across Europe with her mesmerising spirals. She is a single skater and has been with Hot Ice for three years after placing 1st in the junior championships. Welcome back for your fourth season, Anastasiia!

Anton Karpuk – Russia
Anton has been skating since he was four years old and earned 167 points at Ice Star competition. After performing in an ice circus, Anton will be showing off his impressive skills in our arena this year with Hot Ice.

Milosz Witkowski – Poland
Milosz has placed in multiple championships nationally and is a talented figure skater. Since the age of six he has been perfecting his skating skills and can perform terrific triples and toe quads. This is his second time performing in Hot Ice, whilst also participating in street dancing. Welcome back Milosz!

Alexei Kofanov – Specialty Act, Russia
A seasoned regular on the Hot Ice show and the pantomime circuit, Alexey is most famous for his stunning circus performances utilising pole, silks and straps. He also appeared in the Stageworks pantomime, Aladdin, at The Globe Theatre in Blackpool last year. An accomplished performer with bags of talent, Alexei is a hit both on and off the ice with fans in the audience and the rest of the cast.

Wiktor Witokski – Poland
Wiktor was born in Lodz, Poland and has been skating for 17 years.  He has been a national medalist on numerous occasions and as a Polish national team member he competed in many national and international competitions. He is very excited to return to Hot Ice for a third season.

Ben Guthrie – Canada
Benjamin has performed in ice shows for the past six years working in prestigious companies such as Holiday on Ice and Disney on Ice.  When he isn’t performing, Benjamin is a fully qualified skating coach.  This is Benjamin’s second season in Hot Ice and he can’t wait to show his skills on the rink.

Richard Lambert is a former professional ice skater with Disney on Ice. Joining PINOCCHIO and skating the West Coast USA tour he then moved into technical production and for a further 6.5 years toured with ice shows into the largest arenas around the World. Following 2 years working on Broadway, NYC, Richard returned to the UK and became a National Ice Skating Judge for NISA (now BIS) in singles, ice dance and synchro and a Technical Specalist, International Data Input and Video Replay operator trained by the ISU. A highlight of every year is Amanda Thompson’s HOT ICE show.