HOT ICE EUPHORIA 2021, 5 Stars

Ice Arena, Blackpool
19th July to 11th September 2021

“Hot Ice is a captivating spectacle starring a cast of world championship performers complete with stunning costumes and mesmerising special FX. The show, which is the world’s longest running ice show, opens for the summer season on 19th July and runs until 11th September 2021.
This years’ new production, Euphoria, is a spectacular fast-moving live performance, which promises to keep you at the edge of your seat.”

Review by Richard Lambert, 5 Stars

At a time when London West End Theatre producers are scaling down in size and getting excited about one-man and 2 hander shows while maintaining the same ticket prices, Blackpool’s Stageworks International are doing the opposite!

With the powerful reputation Hot Ice has built over 85 years, the show attracts the highest standard of International Skaters you will see anywhere in the World, all in the same production! In fact, there are 31 Skaters in this show!

Year on year, Amanda Thompson steers the Hot Ice show to bigger and better. This year adding a Video wall as well as a lot more lighting fixtures, some even behind the audience on the arena walls. Bubbles, snow, fog, haze, mist, mirror balls – every special effect integrated for artistry and for fun!

This year is substantially new choreography. The 1st half of the show opens with an adrenaline rush, some “show-off” skating tricks and then some beautiful skating with nods towards Romeo and Juliet and Swan Lake. The mood and drama changes with four male Black Swans showing their strength and grace. This is only an introduction to what’s to come in the 2nd half. A rivetting production put together with experienced pace and flow.

Staycations within the UK are the way to go this year, this might finally be the chance to see the show you’ll never forget!

With glitz, glamour, drama, costumes, feathers and jaw-dropping skating elements, this is the most exhilirating, stunning and theatrically exciting ice show in the World!

Ticket Link: Click here

Hot Ice runs from 19th July until 11th September every Monday to Saturday.  Evening shows commence at 7pm with a matinee performance on selected dates at 2.30pm.

Tickets can be booked online at www.hoticeshow.comor at the Pleasure Beach Arena Box Office.

Show and Dine packages are available.  To find out more, or to book, please call the Box Office on 0871 222 9090*

*Calls will cost 13 pence per minute plus your telephone company’s access charge

Hot Ice Cast List 2021


Tatiana Domracheva (Russia)
Xiaoyu Yu (China)
Olga Bibikhina (Russia)
Nadia Craggs (UK)
Kelsey Russell (Canada)
Larkyn Austman (Canada)
Anastasia Kolomiets (Russia)
Maiya Jirova (Russia/ USA)
Olga Maseviciene (Russia)
Anastasiia Safronova (Russia)
Daria Perminova (Russia)
Olga Ikonnikova (Estonia)
Amber Wimbledon (UK)
Anastasia Yalova (Ukraine)
Amanda Daniel (Canada


Maksim Miroshkin (Russia)
Matvei Matveev (Russia)
Daniil Zvorykin (Russia)
Lukasz Kedzierski (Poland)
Vladimir Arkhipov (Russia)
Denis Cheprasov (Russia)
Miguel Moyron (Mexico)
James Horrocks (UK)
Ihor Reznichenko (Poland)
Pavel Nesterenko (Russia)
Noah Scherer (Switzerland)
Anton Karpuk (Belarus)
Gavriil Kokovkin (Russia)
Felipe Montoya (Spain)
Matt Fogg (UK)
Alexey Kofanov (Russia)
– Evgenii Belianin (Russia)

Hot Ice – A brief history

1936 – The Arena was built and the first shows took place.  The Arena was designed by the famous architect Joseph Emberton and was the world’s first purpose built ice theatre.  The first show was called Marina.

1938 – Roy and Betty Callaway starred in the show.  Betty went on to achieve public recognition when she coached Torvill and Dean to Olympic and World championships.

1939 – 1944 – Even though war had broken out, the show went on as the government decided there was a need for entertainment.  Throughout the war there was a cast of up to 50 skaters.

1959 – Frank Wright and Pleasure Beach staff designed and built a great illuminated staircase which was suspended from the roof.  The staircase is still used in the show to this day.

1980 – Robin Cousins performed a gala performance at the Arena following his gold medal winning performance at the Olympics earlier that year.  He went on to perform again the following 2 years.

1994 – Amanda Thompson OBE produced and directed the show for the very first time

2016 – Hot Ice celebrated 80 years at Pleasure Beach Arena.

Amanda Thompson OBE
Producer & Director

Amanda Thompson OBE has been both Producer and Director of the Hot Ice Show for over 20 years.  In 2005 she took over as Managing Director of Blackpool Pleasure Beach and has successfully managed to combine the two major and demanding roles. This is the 28th year that Amanda has produced and directed the world famous show at Pleasure Beach Arena.  She began her career in the ice skating world producing ice shows in the USA over 30 years ago.

As well as juggling her roles as Managing Director of Blackpool Pleasure Beach and Stageworks, Amanda has overseen the construction of the new £12M Boulevard Hotel. Amanda sits on the Board of Directors for the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) and is currently serving as chairman of the board for IAAPA and will lead the global attractions trade association throughout 2021.  Amanda has been a dedicated and involved IAAPA member for decades, serving as chair of the IAAPA Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) Regional Advisory Committee and influencing key strategic decisions to help steer the attractions industry into the future.

Amanda has produced and directed shows throughout the world.  She began her career in the USA and worked there for many years.  She has produced shows in Sweden, Thailand, Holland, Switzerland, Germany, America and France, and has further devised and worked on many types of theatrical productions that have travelled across the globe.  As a perfectionist she is truly passionate about all the shows she has worked on and knows how to encourage each performer to deliver their best.

Her experience in the industry has shown beyond a doubt that she is accustomed to tackling difficult and demanding workloads head on and has a talent for pushing the boundaries of theatrical achievement and performance to new levels.

She is personally involved in every aspect of the production, from designing and creating the many exquisite and extravagant costumes, working closely with the musical director to produce a mesmerising soundtrack, developing the dramatic displays, artistic lighting and special effects which will thrill and entertain millions with technical finesse.

Once again, Amanda is delighted to welcome Oula Jaaskelainen back to the Hot Ice Show to create stunning choreography for the show with 32 performers from over 12 countries.