Hot Ice Show 2017 “Dreams” 5 Stars

Hot Ice Show 2017 “Dreams”
Blackpool Ice Arena
6th July to 9th September 2017

Review by Richard Lambert, 5 Stars

With 31 Internationally renowned Professional Ice Skaters, Hot Ice is the most stunning ice show that you will ever witness! It opens with the flashiest Opening number ever created. Produced and Directed by Amanda Thompson MBE the show starts with a No Hold Block Synchronisation of military precision, followed by the grace of Oscar Peter who’s smooth easy flow over the ice has to be seen to be believed, then the boys explode onto the ice with no less than thirteen Double Axels – each being 2.5 revolutions in the air from a forward facing takeoff. Then you’ll see 7 x Triple Toe Loop Jumps interspersed with Triple Salchows. It was hit after hit of show-off flashy jumping leading into a Back Somersault!

There is no other ice skating ensemble in the World that can do this! This is simply the best and they’re all in one show, at the Blackpool Ice Arena!

With a dramatic sound score and spectacular lighting it was almost sensory overload. There are costumes to die for, stage set cloths, silks, fire sticks, Jet Flames, Pyro, Bubbles, flags, all seamlessly blended with expert production quality. Masters of their craft you easily forget they’re on skates, that it’s difficult, that it takes a lifetime of dedication, that it’s dangerous. Each and every skater is a star in their own right and they come together for this summer season.


Special mention to some newcomers this season – Daniel Aggiano (UK), James Horrocks (UK), and Garrett Kling from the USA. Some of the returning skaters Oscar Peter, Louise Walden-Edwards and Owen Edwards, and Charlotte Waring – their experience shining through with their foot-sure performances.

Whether you like the strength and power of the male skaters, the grace and beauty of the female skaters, the glamour of the costumes, the spectacular staging, the skill and talent, the performance skills of the skaters, this entertaining unique show is not to be missed! While other shows might be hiring long haired artists with top knots this traditional family show has a clean-cut image that’s very welcome, traditional and attractive. You can bring your children and grandma!

Wondering what to do with your friends and families – a perfect day out is the Blackpool Pleasure Beach: Roller Coasters by day then ice show at night!

Pleasure Beach and Show Tickets: Click here