Hotel Elsinore, 4 Stars

Hotel Elsinore
The Space on the Mile
daily at 12:50

“Denmark. 2am. A hotel room. Three weary travellers, an unexpected will and a production of Hamlet to rehearse before morning. Tragedy and humour blend in this new play about the challenges of family, forgiveness and Shakespeare. Written and performed by award-winning actor Susanna Hamnett, featuring her son and daughter, Joshua and Lily MacGregor.”

Review by Richard Lambert, 4 Stars

This play within a play is brilliantly constructed. The husband, who has passed away, used to perform a one-man version of Hamlet. His ashes are in an urn in the hotel room, carried there by his wife, son and daughter. He was due to perform his Hamlet in the festival the following day when the phone call comes offering the family a lot of money to go ahead with a performance of Hamlet. This sets the scene for an over-night rehearsal of Hamlet.

This is a very funny production. To its credit it is never played for laughs but the situations are hilarious. The mother has always wanted to play Gertrude and this is her opportunity to live the dream. The son has never liked his father’s stripped back monologue version of Hamlet so this is his chance to direct something more dynamic. The daughter would prefer not to be doing this in any form.

As the rehearsal gets under way there are disputes and squabbles. The beds are inventively used to create blocks and doors. And there are multiple seamless shifts in and out of the rehearsal and performing the play. Some brilliant character acting from all the cast with Susanna Hamnett giving an outstanding and mesmerising performance.

Listings information
Venue: theSpace on the Mile

Dates: 22 27 August 2022

Time: 12.50 (1hr10)

Ticket prices: £10 / concessions £8

Fringe box office: 0131 226 0000 /
Suitable for ages 12+