Hotel Paradiso, 5 Stars

Hotel Paradiso, 5 Stars
Underbelly Circus Hub on the Meadows

“Irresistibly colourful, loud and fun show for all the family. Thrillingly spectacular circus skills, physical comedy, clowning, theatrical storytelling and slapstick combine in this follow up to international hit The Hogwallops from good old fashioned contemporary circus company LiT. A rundown hotel becomes a physical playground for the six multinational highly skilled acrobats, clowns and jugglers. Madame and the charming staff of the quirkily ineffective Hotel Paradiso battle to save their home and livelihood from the dastardly banker. ‘The UK’s most acclaimed family circus company’ ( ‘Packed with inventive comedy and dazzling physical skills’ (”

Review by Richard Lambert

This is a unique theatrical experience. The Hotel Paradiso’s future hangs in the balance with scheming and plotting by lawyers and their ilk to foreclose on the property. It’s now up to the hotel staff to frustrate and mis-direct, so they can retain their beloved shabby-chic establishment.

Filled to the brim with original, inventive creative ideas.

The circus tricks are amazing, they’re almost incidental to the plot, woven in seamlessly. The troupe don’t take themselves too seriously. They pastiche and parody choreography doing tilter-whirls with plastic ice buckets, juggling to set the dining room scene, dusting the chandelier and getting stuck on it for an aerial act. The finale set reveal is wonderful – allowing for a climatic finale which ties up the loose ends and provides “the big finish.”

…..but that’s enough spoilers. You’ll just have to  go see this show for yourself.

Easily the best family show at the Fringe and one which ALL the family, including “hard to please dads” will thoroughly enjoy!