House of Flamenka, 5 Stars

House of Flamenka
Peacock Theatre
18th to 28th Oct 2023

House of Flamenka returns to Peacock Theatre due to phenomenal demand. Created and directed by dance royalty Arlene Phillips (Grease, Guys and Dolls, Strictly Come Dancing), and starring renowned flamenco dancer Karen Ruimy, this fusion of contemporary dance, flamenco, passion, and high drama is the best night out this autumn!

Featuring an ensemble of internationally acclaimed male dancers, with an intoxicating mix of contemporary, pop, Latin and flamenco music, with a glittering set, lavish costumes, red-hot choreography that bursts with drama and emotion to create the ultimate night of theatre.

Award-winning choreographers James Cousins and flamenco master Francisco Hidalgo come together to choreograph this sexy and spicy spectacular.

You are invited to the House of Flamenka, where hypermasculinity and high camp collide in the sexiest, steamiest evening in London.

This show will leave you dancing all the way home.

Review by Richard Lambert, 5 Stars

A bold claim from the show’s marketting: “hypermasculinity and high camp collide in the sexiest, steamiest evening in London” but boy is this the truth!

Stunning costumes divide the 20-strong all male cast into two groups. There’s a leather bondage shirtless barefoot set of contemporary dancers and a more traditional mateador leather-booted group. Neither adopt the traditional male/female roles of Flamenco, they are all very masculine with strength and passion projecting from their performance. Heading up the troupe is producer and co-creator Karen Ruimy. As well as dancing and performing, Karen also sings live some of the numbers.

The multi-level set design and fabulous huge painted drape allows many entrances, exits and platforms for the show to be very 3-dimensional. Picture frames serve tableaux that come to life. The transitions between the numbers are so stylish, exciting and polished. Arlene Phillips‘ theatricality shines out of this production.

The musical arrangements enhanced with sound effects all support the excitement that the dancers and choreography brings to the production. But it’s the lighting and it’s integration into the show that’s truly remarkable! Hundreds of gorgeous looks have been painted with light beams creating patterns and shapes in the haze, all sync’d with the music, the blocking and the choreography.

It’s isn’t all Flamenco, there are many different styles of dance, all performed very strong, masculine and exciting. This short run show is not to be missed!

Photo Credit Pamela Raith

Directed and created by Arlene Philips
Produced and co-created by Karen Ruimy
Choreography by James Cousins
Flamenco Choreography by Francisco Hidalgo
Original Set and Costume Design by Jasmine Swan

YouTube Trailer: Click here

Cast list – unknown (details requested)

Associate Designer – Victoria Maytom
Lighting Designer – Doug FF Cairns
Sound Designer – Richard Brooker
Costumes Designer – Jasmine Swan

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