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Hustlers, 2 Stars

the space@surgeons hall

“‘Like what you see?’ Hustlers is a visceral and provocative portrayal of the lives of four kids making their living in a world not that far from our own: the streets. Their stories constantly intertwining and clashing, through these four lives there is an intense examination of the mental and physical consequences of their work set against the backdrop of the 80s drug and AIDS crisis. Each of the characters and their stories are based off of actual survivors.”

Review by Richard Lambert, 2 Stars

Starting with some musical movements is brave and welcome, even when it’s clear there’s no technique involved.

Occasional sound scapes enhance the play throughout and there are some nice lighting looks here and there. With hard edged centre spots it would be better if the actor stayed in the spot and didn’t pop in and out during the early monologue as this is really distracting.

Tony is a pimp. He sees himself as a father to “the family.” With a wife and the other girls in his family we see his true manipulative nature when one of the family dies and he won’t help dispose of the body and shows complete lack of emotion. Occasionally words such as “occupants, sychopants and depravity” feel out of place in a World of hustlers. Their reference to each other as “whores” feels unnatural  compared to options such as “girls”.

With such deep subjects it’s a shame that we don’t get a chance to connect on a deeper level with the characters so ultimately don’t engage sufficiently in their stories.

The story has compelling moments here and there, with good acting.