Jon and Nath Like To Party, 4 Stars

Jon and Nath Like To Party
Studio 3, The Warren
12th to 14th May 2017

Sketchfest finalists Jon & Nath are back with their all-new comedy show. Mischievous charm, crackling satire, outrageous impressions, very real slapstick and the hottest Jehovah’s Witness act in town! A relentless assortment of instant classics from two best friends who can’t stand each other“.

Review by Richard Lambert, 4 Stars

Studio 3 is built into a shipping container. It’s hot, very dark but well equipped.

“Jon and Nath Like To Party” integrate the Sound and Lighting facilities wherever it enhances their sketches to great effect. This feels like everyone is pulling together to energise their rapid-fire sketches and keep the audience lively. Congratulations to the Studio 3 technicians!

So many great ideas and plenty of props pepper the show. They start the show looking very preppy in tie and white shirts. Don’t let that fool you, by the end this dynamic duo are both messy and grungy: covered in flour, water, and pizza ingredients. Yes really! Their costumes never quite recover from the “deconstructed pizza” restaurant sketch. Presumably they’d done the show previously so I have no idea how they get their shirts to look so clean and fresh for the next show! (I’m sure they must have some laundry tips!)

Favourite sketches would have to be of Robert de Nero and Woody Allen. Comic brilliance!