Just Lose It! 4 Stars

Just Lose It!
The Space, Isle of Dogs
4th to 8th Sept 2018

“Bin-the-Belly Weight Loss Corporation invites you to their end of year extravaganza. Expect awards,
motivational speeches, fun fitness and, of course, the end of year briefing from our lean, mean, sexy
machine: CEO Brian Aqua. So, bin that belly, get that waistline into the waste bin and get ready to
drink as much skinny prosecco as you can get your hands on.
You are invited to join international ensemble Bric à Brac Theatre as they dive into the mysterious
world of weight loss and our obsession with the way we look. A new immersive show exploring the
surreal world of weight loss groups and their hunger to win big by losing large.”

Review by Richard Lambert, 4 Stars

I have to be honest here, if anything says “immersive” or “promenade” I would usually prefer to stay home. However this production was at a venue I hadn’t visited and I was curious. So, with a lot of trepidation I went along to see what “Just Lose It!” was all about. And surprisingly, I loved it! Had a great time!

Well it’s kinda hard to explain what it is. First and foremost it’s a party. We were divided into groups so the games could be a little competitive and the games have a tentative link to Diets and Body Image – hence the title of the show. The party hosts are regional sales managers for “Bin the Belly”, a company who promote their products. It’s a little confusing to know what their product actually is, but you won’t have time to worry about that as it turns out that one of the Sales Managers is no longer with us, “we don’t talk about Meg”, and one of the other Sales Managers is to be fired. Selecting who to fire and the resultant fallout adds some intrigue and entertainment to the proceedings, culminating in the CEO also being removed from office.

With a glass of welcoming prosecco to start the evening the party chaos continues and is a lot of fun!!!! Plenty of ideas roll into this production, with party lighting, Audio tracks and Video meshed in. The structured sections never feel forced and the spontaneity prevails. The cast were all great and threw themselves with earnest into their zesty roles.

For a great time doing something totally unique with your friends “Just Lose It!” is the place to go!
This party is only on for 1 week so rush to get your tickets or you’ll miss out!

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Devised by Bric à Brac
Directed by: Anna Marshall
Design by: Natalie Jackson
Lisa Maria Berg – Lena Strauss
Roxanne Browne – Darcy Jones
Alice Devlin – AJ Palmer
Alex Hinson – Kate S.
Christina H. Holmbek – Melissa Myles
Henry Lambert – Lawrence McFinn
Matthieu Poulet – Brian Aqua
Sophie Taylor – Stephanie Scuba