Katherine and Pierre, 4 Stars

Katherine and Pierre
Vault Festival
18th to 19th Feb, 2023

TalkSmall is a up and coming physical theatre company duo. We combine elements of drag and queerness with impactful choreography. We tell stories through powerful pop icons that are relatable, comedic and DRAMATIC darling. TalkSmall is two northerners having so much FUN and making theatre at the same time.

TalkSmall made their first debut back in 2019, when Bobbie Twaddle and Ellie Begley first met. They both trained at East 15 in Physical Theatre. Over the years, they were able to develop and beautiful friendship in and outside of the rehearsal room. TalkSmall have performed at Jackson’s Lane in April 2022, when they made their first London Debut, following that they performed at Theatre Peckham in June 2022.

Ellie started choreographing from a young age, trained in all dance styles. Her love for moving and grooving came years of dance experience and love for music. Ellie is also an associate artist with Project Lockout has been for the past five years. She started creating with Project Lockout at Workshops and they expressed an interest in working with each other. Ellie has been in many projects including, the Maniac Complex, Tiny Kingdoms and The World Under with Project Lockout. Since graduating, Ellie has worked with GymJam, Frantic Assembly and Highly Sprung.

Bobbie is a young drag artist, a keen physical performer who takes pride in making work that is rooted in ironic and absurd themes. As a recent graduate, Bobbie infuses their love for clown, mime, and dance theatre. Alongside passions for makeup, fashion, and 10 inch heels to create work that is twisted, beautiful, and ridiculous from start to finish! Since graduating Bobbie has been working internationally, most recently performing as ‘The Angel of Death’ in a cabaret production with The David Glass Ensemble. They have just moved to Manchester where they hope to leave their mark on the drag scene!

Review by Richard Lambert, 4 Stars

Every now and again you stumble across a rare gem of a show. You don’t expect it, it doesn’t flare like a beacon, but it happens.

This is one of those moments. The story comes full circle and is a glorious celebration of love. All told by dance with a Katy Perry sound track and layer upon layer of sound bites, sound effects and drilled timing.

Both Ellena and Ross are superb character actors showing excellent mime, clown and dance skills. The dance content and clever choreography all comes together along with above average lighting and superb sound tracks to impress from start to finish of this journey. Original moves with the well-oiled office chairs along with multiple lifts between both characters interweave the power struggles of their relationship.

The show has a lot of heart and the performers are superb! This show deserves to re-surface after the Vaults Festival!