Leeds Tealights: Fix Us, 3 Stars

Leeds Tealights: Fix Us
Just the Tonic at the Caves: The Fancy Room (Venue 88)
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“Winners of the 2015 Derek Award for Best Sketch Show, the Tealights are back, presenting an hour of fast-paced, absurd comedy in their brand-new show, Fix Us.”

The show starts with some naff choreography, the sound system blasting painfully and the 1st sketch can’t be heard because it’s underscored by overwhelmingly loud music. I’m not going to enjoy this show!

The 1st sketch is ok but then the Sound kicks in again and painfully assaults the ears.
Problem being the Cast can’t hear what the Sound’s like as all they hear is a reduced bounced sound from the walls and the Sound Operator is the furthest person from the speakers at the back of the room so what may sound to her “punchy” and “hi energy” is just painful for the audience.

The 2nd sketch is better, and the Sound seems to relent for the 3rd sketch.

Well, each sketch slowly won we over as the Sound was used less and less. By 12 mins in I’d started laughing and by the end I was absolutely loving this sketch show and the troupe! They’re original, very talented, enthusiastic and present lots and lots of everyday scenarios all with a comic twist and all very clever!

Don’t expect to see them in their underwear. Their marketing image does not reflect the show in any way – this troupe is strictly button up dark shirts. These 4 boys and 1 girl will entertain you with their zany wit, hilarious facial expressions, and mountains of great ideas! This show is a lot of fun!

Review by Richard Lambert