Little Fools, 3 Stars

Little Fools
The Space Performance Arts Centre

“One Family. Two Sisters. Many accusations. How do you separate the monster from the one you love?

Devised by Hooked Theatre, ‘Little Fools’ tells the story of two sisters, whose lives are tainted by someone they thought they trusted. Blending true events with spoken word this relevant show explores the impact that childhood experiences have on our adult lives. A tale of power, exploitation, family and love.

Fierce yet fearless female led new work from the writers of “incredibly engaging” (Arthur’s Seat), HUMAN, which premiered at the Camden Fringe Festival 2017.”

Review by Richard Lambert, 3 Stars

The venue is the recently opened THE SPACE on the Isle of Dogs. A converted church with a bar and restaurant. If you arrive early enough you can enjoy some pub food and drinks al fresco or in their loft-style bar. Mudchute Station on the DLR is your best route.

Starting out with reported speech the play tells us about the family, and in particular, the 2 girls’ father. It then sets off to show us their lives. April (Holly Kellingray) has a crush on the local barista and a best gay male friend Nathan (Elijah Khan). Harri (Brooke Jones) has a boy friend Charlie (Tom Hamblin). Nathan likes to meet guys in Vauxhall and at parties, and Harri gets pregnant. Charlie may have got more than just Harri pregnant. The script tells Nathan to play safe but overlooks that Charlie is having unprotected sex. Lots of unanswered questions here……..

There are many story lines here that could go deeper but tough to do so in a 1 hour play.

The main story is the slow realisation that there are rumours which become accusations which become the truth about their father. He’s a paedophile who’s abused children. What I especially liked about the play was how it showed the girls, busy in their own lives and challenges, yet their dad’s predicament, initially a distraction, eventually becomes the most important elephant in the room that can’t be ignored by the girls or their friends. It’s the ripple that becomes a tsunami. Like any abuse situation, realisation takes time to sink in. It can be obvious and black and white to those on the peripherals but to those involved the clarity isn’t there.

With just a lights up/lights down approach to the lighting, a sofa for the set, and no costume changes, it’s too minimal at the moment. The Sound Effects however were effective and added to the show.

The characters involved are a little over-dramatic. Sometimes less is more. Friends bringing bad news would typically do so with more compassion and less anger. The cast are strong actors but this piece would benefit from a Director who could bring some light and shade.

A great title “Little Fools” even if a little harsh as a reference to the two girls. If Hooked Theatre productions bring on-board a Director, Designer and Producer this piece could be developed into a very strong production. It’s early days for “Little Fools” and Hooked Theatre and I’ll look forward to seeing this play again once developed further.


Brooke Jones

Holly Kellngray

Elijah Khan

Tom Hamblin

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