Marmite, 5 Stars

Gilded Balloon, Rose Theatre, Attic

“Dylan and Eddie have just moved in together. It’s great. The apartment is great. Everything is great. They’re both really happy. Except Dylan isn’t. It’s all a bit rushed. A bit much. A bit too soon. He’s only just left uni for Christ’s sake. Between sex parties and roast dinners, Marmite explores the difficulties of gay monogamy with honesty and warmth. Hot off the back of their Fringe 2017 sell-out Ginger Beer, Limerence Productions is back and better than ever. ‘An honest, brash, and balls-out comedy experience’ (Huffington Post). ‘Funny, enthralling, witty and wise’ (Scotsman).”

Review by Richard Lambert, 5 Stars

MARMITE may not be a particularly catchy title but it is relevant to the characters – the marketing for the food product which capitalizes on the fact that you love it or hate it. There was even an advert about taking a jar of marmite home and leaving it in the back of the cupboard until someone noticed and brought it forward and into the family again.

We’re not all to everyone’s tastes and one man’s passion is another man’s poison and this play has more emotional journey than a Disney movie. We also have different desires for our relationships but will the grass be greener if you change things? What happens if you go along with things for your partner but they’re not quite right for you? When is compromise just a little too much? The script is absolutely spot-on here and the actors portraying Dylan and Ed are superb!!! I did really like their characters and was both happy and gutted as events unfolded. Ed’s sister was brilliant as a character and as an actor. I so wanted to move in with the 3 of them and enjoy their banter!

Marmite is one to see and then like me you’ll be telling all your friends to go see it!

Producer: Limerence Productions
Written by Hallam Breen and Phoebe Simmonds
Cast: (unknown)