Owen Roberts: The Man Who Ate Too Many Raisins, 2 Stars

Owen Roberts: The Man Who Ate Too Many Raisins
Theatre Box, The Warren
13th to 14th May 2017

What is the meaning of life? Do aliens exist? And how many is too many raisins? This show will answer a maximum of one of these questions. An hour of comedy from one third of the critically acclaimed sketch group Beasts.”

Review by Richard Lambert, 2 Stars

Some inventive funny ideas from Owen Roberts as he ranges from a “private dancer” performing to a man inthe front row while wearing a thong, to a SpiderWoman while performing to Kiss of a SpiderWoman. And who doesn’t want to see a bearded hairy man in a thong, tights, spider corset and dressing gown?

Most of the sketches and jokes were very funny, one or two unfortunately missed their targets.

The funniest sketch has to be the Kiss of the Spider Woman where Owen crawls around the audience taping everyone up in his web of masking tape. After this sketch and someone asks if we’re allowed to untangle ourselves the show takes on a very sweet level of informality with good banter and back and forth with the audience.

How many raisins are too many to eat? I’m not sure this was disclosed!

The Sound Tracks were well organised even if a little too loud for such a small shipping container performance space. The sound did drown Owen out in places.

A sketch show with a personable funny hairy man brave enough to appear in public in a floppy thong.