Park 90
1st to 25th Nov 2023

“Rachel is stuck – from two different backgrounds but without one clear identity. And with her Indian Grandfather’s health declining and her Father’s rejection of his roots, time is running out.

Desperate to maintain her connection to her heritage, Rachel organises the family’s very first celebration of Diwali – determined to bring Indian culture into their lives before it’s too late. As the Singh family are pushed to their limits, family lines are drawn, British politeness begins to slip, and they are forced to confront what they are at risk of losing.

With music, food, and even board games, this moving, family comedy-drama shines a light on the modern biracial experience. When does cultural heritage become lost through generations? And at what point do we fight to keep that legacy alive?

Following critically acclaimed productions at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and Seven Dials Playhouse, Want the Moon Theatre makes its Park90 debut.”

Review by Richard Lambert, 5 Stars

PASSING, what a fantastic production!

The cast are phenomenal! Their acting was so realistic that I never for one second thought any of them were acting a role. The script is insightful, provocative and highly engaging. The perspective from each family member is educational and thoughtful.  The writing is unique and the direction is superb. Not once did I feel patronised or criticised – I felt like I was being asked to consider my own perspective and question my own feelings and awareness of what it would mean to grow up with ethnic heritage in our British society. I wanted to engage with the cast and characters and ask question and discuss the issues. And I love that occasionally, theatre can do just that. Make one question themselves, or society, or norms and values and learn from other’s experiences.

The characters are flawed, amd that’s what makes them real. We can all relate on some level.

Rarely these day does theatre manage to be relevant.With everyone so offended and triggered by everything, theatre is often sanitised and made comfortable. PASSING is brave theatre that puts issues out there for everyone to consider. We need more theatre like this. Everyone should go see this play. It speaks to us all!

With a realistic set, great lighting and no intrusive soundscape, the production supports the brilliant cast and book. And huge credit must go to both the writer and the director!

Despite the disappointing front of house at the venue, the production is superb! I hope everyone goes, it sells out, and continues to thrive to educate multi-cultural Brittain.

Rachel Singh: Amy-Leigh Hickman (she/her)
Yash Singh: Bhasker Patel (he/him)
Ruth Singh: Catherine Cusack (she/her)
Matt: Jack Flammiger (he/him)
David Singh: Kishore Walker (he/him)

Writer/Producer Dan Sareen (he/him)
Director Imy Wyatt Corner (she/her)
Assistant Director Cassia Thakkar (she/her)
Lighting Design Catja Hamilton (she/her)
Producer Ellen Harris (she/her)

Performance Dates Wednesday 1st – Saturday 25th November 2023
Running Time 2 hours and 30 minutes, including interval
Location Park Theatre (Park90), 13 Clifton Terrace, Finsbury Park, London N4 3JP
Box Office Tickets are available from £15 – £25 from
Notes Dementia friendly performance on Thursday 16th November, 3:15pm

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