Pawel Jasinski – ‘Definition of Beauty’

“Definition of Beauty”
An Art Exhibition by Pawel Jasinski
Posk Gallery at the Polish Centre
8am to 9pm Daily with free entry
8th to 13th Jan 2017

Pawel Jasinski, an artist and designer, was born in Poland and works in Dublin. He exhibited his paintings in several European countries including Poland, Ireland and Latvia. His portrait paintings of Paul Brady has been printed on the side of a building in Temple Bar – located in the historical center of Dublin. Pawel is a founder of The Tree Art Studio Company which specialises in producing personalised gifts for individuals, companies and institutions looking for unique designs.

About the exhibition

The collection of artworks presented during Exhibition in POSK GALLERY is of a different nature: many of the works have a hidden meaning. Pawel strives to portray a diverse world, bringing in themes of tolerance, loneliness, love and longing, often in a humorous and subtle way. One of his favourite motifs is that of a woman, often of an unrealistically large size. Painted in many different ways, she is a symbol of fertility and maternity.

Review by Richard Lambert:
I was particularly struck by the wording on a sign under a painting titled “Magic Tree” which read “I dedicate this exhibition to my ancestors – my grandfather’s family: his parents, sisters and brothers, who were murdered by the Nazis in the village Kobyle-Grodek, because of their Jewish origin“.

There is a common theme throughout the exhibition of women and motherhood, with each section having a certain theme all blending and morphing if you walk around the exhibition from start to end. Not that there is a specific start and end – you could start anywhere and walk around the loop of paintings.

Each painting draws you in as it strongly conveys an emotion emanating from the model. Pawel’s depiction of larger than life women reminiscent of saucy seaside postcards until you get the depth of emotion created by these oil on canvas paintings.

Located within the Polish Centre and just 2 mins from Revenscourt Park Underground station, it’s a perfect location to catch this exhibition. The Polish Centre also houses a Jazz Cafe and theatre. It’s a short run exhibition so please plan to see it now or you’ll miss out!

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