Play Something, 3 Stars

Play Something
Drayton Arms Theatre
18th to 22nd Sept 2018

“Following a highly successful  run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Stage Write bring their acclaimed LGBT play to the Drayton Arms Theatre!

From beginning to end, M and F tell you the story of their love, and ask the DJ to Play Something.

Something to make love to, to split up to, to celebrate, to cry, and to play the Forever Song. They are the songs of all of us. Covering decades, younger become older and the play becomes the story of everyone who has loved, lost, and loved again, and had Our Song.”

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Review by Richard Lambert, 3 Stars

Play Something is the story of 2 men who meet in a venue that wouldn’t be mentioned in polite company. They’re very different – in looks, attitudes, desires and self-image. One is a nurse and the other a policeman. Their journeys are both shared and seperate. The story and the script remarkably poignant and personably relatable.

There are laughs and this sets up well for the tears. Anyone who’s looked after an elderly relative and cared for them through their deterioration will be moved by this story.

With both a younger and an older version of the same character on the stage at the same time there are knowing looks and glances between all 4 performers. This scenario is interesting with room for further development.

Where the production is a little lacking is relying too much on the audience to go along with lots of pretend pouring of drinks into pretend glasses and knocking back the drink. This happened too many times and becomes distracting. Just 4 chairs for the set and a black T-Shirt for a Policeman’s Uniform – all detracts from the production. Just a few props, costumes and a little more set would go a long way especially when you’re in a Pub Fringe Theatre and not a pop-up venue.

Music can take us back to a time and era and mood and trigger memories. The title of this play is well chosen…..through the play the characters ask the on-stage performer/DJ to “play something” and a song that’s relevant is played. This was theatre brilliance!

You’ll love this play but it’s a short run so don’t delay sorting your tickets – closes Saturday 22nd Sept!

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Written and directed by Paul T Davies
Lighting by Harry Harris
Sound by Harry Harris
Movement Director Alice Murray
Producer Neville Edrich
Production Photography Ethan Noel Miller

M – Jacko Pook and Matt Bradbury
F – Ben Maytham and Shane Whitworth
DJ – Claire Lois Walkinshaw

Twitter: @stagewrite_