Rob Cawsey: Just Cruising, 5 Stars

Rob Cawsey: Just Cruising, 5 Stars
Banshee Labyrinth, Cinema
Suitability 16+
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“Unhinged physical comedy from Rob Cawsey on dating, sex and trying to find love. Directed and co-written by Gabriel Bisset-Smith. Rob Cawsey’s debut solo show Simon Slack: The Fantasist premiered at edfringe last summer as part of Soho Theatre’s programme to full houses and critical acclaim. He is also one half of comedy duo Guilt and Shame who have had several sell-out runs at Soho Theatre and played festivals all over the UK.”

This hilarious young man has a high energy fast-paced show that’s original and unique and quite wonderful!

For the most part this is a narrated show on backing track with minimal LED lighting and a tiny make-shift performance space in front of a cinema screen. Not the most desirable space by any stretch of the imagination. But have faith, cos once the show starts it’s a roller coaster of a ride! Rob white knuckle ride is an expose of Gay Cruising.

His acting and mime skills are outstanding and exceptional! He can emote waiting in line at a gay bar, travelling the World on a plane, in a car, having an intimate Nando’s with a date. With hit after hit of funny situations and enough audience interaction and participation binding it all together. Not to mention, an accidental murder, meeting a policeman, going to the sauna, several states of undress and a little bit of comedy nudity. Rob is the audience pleaser and we loved it all!!!

Arrive early to get your free ticket to see Rob. Then follow the signs to the Cinema – the venue is called the Labyrinth and there are many twists, turns and other performance spaces. It’s easy to know which one is Rob – his show has the long queue through the main corridor and out onto the street!

Review by Richard Lambert