SEX/CRIME, 3 Stars

The Glory
Monday April 9 – Saturday 28 April

“In a fractured and divided city, two men meet to recreate the killings of a famous gay serial killer – for their own pleasure…and the right price.
“Everything else is tumbling down
Falling apart
But not you and me
You and me are going to hold tight
You and me are just right”
Sex/Crime, written for The Glory, a Queer and alternative East End nightlife spot and performance mecca, and funded by Arts Council England,
is a challenging new play that explores sex, violence, language, fear and queerness.
Sex/Crime stars celebrated performance artist Jonny Woo and acclaimed playwright Alexis Gregory (SLAP and SAFE) who also wrote it.”

Review by Richard Lambert, 3 Stars

In this small basement theatre, Jonny Woo and Alexis Gregory meet for a paid sexual encounter in their S&M “dungeon.” I don’t think I’ve ever seen a play before where the characters in the play don’t appear to have a character name, not even as an unspoken listing in the programme. Intriguing to say the least!

Johnny Woo is well known as a character and MC on the London scene but his acting skills are possibly lesser known. He is phenomenally good and commanding in this role of the paid sex worker who can set a scene.

Alexis Gregory has again written a script that’s thought provoking, funny and at times uncomfortable. With dramaturgy from the ever-incredible Rikki Beadle-Blair MBE of course the bar is raised sky-scraper high!

So how do you create a theatre space in such a small cellar. Well, with difficulty. The Set Design by Robbie Butler struggles to do anything to enhance the play. Plastic sheeting covers some of the wall, pillars and a large centre-stage sofa. The sofa is not used very much but occupies most of the stage and blocks the view from a lot of the action. Robert Chivera has achieved a truly amazing production for this powerful script but the Set does feel intrusive for limited achievement. You can go around it and this happens a lot! Of course the set looks sufficiently portable so the space can be turned around for other later night activities but in my opinion this Set does nothing for the play.

The lighting kit by Mike Robertson is extensive with Birdies, LED Spot movers, LED Wash Movers and dimmable fluorescent tubes. It’s difficult when the audience are in the round because unless you sit in the front section you’ll have lights pointed blindingly at you. Despite this, the theatricality of the lighting shines through especially in the final sections of snapshot tableaux summarizing the conclusion of the story.

The marketing images are superb!

A brave piece of theatre that sits well in The Glory.

London, UK. 07.04.2018. “Sex/Crime”, a new play by Alexis Gregory, opens at The Glory, Haggerston. Directed by Robert Chevara, with lighting design by Mike Robertson and set design by Robbie Butler. Starring Alexis Gregory and Jonny Woo. Photograph © Jane Hobson.

A dark comic queer thriller.
Presented in association with The Glory
Written by Alexis Gregory.
Directed by Robert Chevara.
With Jonny Woo and Alexis Gregory

The Glory
281 Kingsland Road
E2 8AS
April 9 – April 28 at 7.30pm
(Please see website for exact dates)

Age restriction:
16 years +
Sex/Crime contains scenes and
themes of an adult nature
£12 (Monday and Tuesday)
£15 all other nights
Plus booking fee
Book online:

Funded by Arts Council England