SHIFT, 5 Stars


The UK’s hottest circus company, BMT, repeat the success of their international smash-hits BROMANCE and KIN in this red-hot, five-star piece of circus, combining show-stopping acrobatics with the emotional punch of theatre. ‘Stunning’ (Guardian). Shift is an astonishing gravity-defying show featuring cyr wheel, hand to hand, acrobatics and circus, using apparatus in ways you didn’t think possible! Shift premiered at the 2018 Norfolk and Norwich Festival. ‘Breath-taking athleticism’ (Evening Standard). ‘Superhuman muscularity, fully human hearts’ (Audience review).

Review by Richard Lambert, 5 Stars

Circuses are re-inventing themselves and becoming more creative and interesting. We’ve lost the brass band, the clowns, and thankfully most circuses have now ditched animals. What remains is the most interesting of the ingredients – the human skills.

No circus is better showing what humans are capable of more than SHIFT by the Barely Methodical Troupe. Their hand balancing, strength, flexibility, and creativity has got to be seen. This fluid production will have you holding your breath as they perform high-risk acrobatics, in total trust of each other, while the audience watch in awe and in fear of any split-second lapse of concentration.

With intricate combination after combination it’s incredible that they remember every inch of where and what they should be doing to save their fellow performers from slipping! Truly outstanding.

With lots of creative ideas, all has been designed well along with superb lighting from Elliott Griggs. Creating a theatrical dramatic feel from a circus rig that exactly matches the performance, mood, sound tracks on the round stage is an achievement worth mentioning.

SHIFT is a circus show for all the family which will be thoroughly enjoyed by all the family!

Photo Credit Gregory Batardon
(note marketing images show shirtless men which is good for ticket sales however the performers wear T-shirts throughout the show)

Original concept: ​​Melissa Ellberger

Directed and Devised: ​​
Melissa Ellberger, Ella Robson Guilfoyle and the Cast

Cast: ​​
Louis Gift, Esmeralda Nikolajeff, Elihu Vazquez, Charlie Wheeller

Producer: ​​Di Robson
Designer: ​​Lucy Sierra
Lighting Designer​: Elliot Griggs
Production Manager​: Ian Moore
Costume Supervisor: ​Helen  Johnson
Photography​​: Chris Nash, Gregory Batardon
Video​​​: Fionn Guilfoyle

Commissioned by Norfolk & Norwich Festival; co-produced by Norfolk & Norwich Festival and DREAM; funded by Arts Council England

Facebook: @barelymethodicaltroupe