C Venues – C Aquila
Dance, Physical Theatre and Circus

“Does a body make us human? Does it have a soul? What hides beneath nudity? What is nudity itself? Nudity is extreme openness and vulnerability and, at the same time, an incomprehensible power connected not only with sexuality. The magic of Eros, the compelling power of nudity, the way up and the way down, transcendence and co-creation, fragility and strength. Life, death, pain and love – all of this complex and unspeakable physical phenomenon is what we are researching in (Some)Body.”

Review by Richard Lambert, 2 Stars

Watching (Some)Body must be how it would feel to watch a naked Tai Chi class of 4 women and 1 man. Not much really happens. There is no story, very little dance, limited unison or symmetry in spacing. Just a peaceful performance of graceful movements.

After 10 minutes I hoped the energy would pick up, or the actors faces would be anything other than blank. Their deliberate emotionless automaton expressions failing to engage or project.

They’re naked, attactive, well rehearsed and graceful – but does that make for a good show?