Super Human
Zoo SouthSide
Dance, Physical Theatre and Circus

“Super Human explores and pushes the limits of the human body. In a unique and mind-awakening performance the super physical team redefine the human being in new optimised versions. Both supernatural and superhuman behaviour is in the spotlight as the performance gathers inspiration from science-fiction movies, superheroes and real-life scientific experiments. The distinctive choreographic language of Next Zone and choreographer Lene Boel builds on explorations of mental states, translated into extreme physical movements in a fusion of urban dance, new composed music and scenography lights.”

Review by Richard Lambert, 4 Stars

What a wonderful 45 minutes spent at Zoo Southside watching these 6 boys and 1 girl perform Super Human

Blending street dance, with acrobatics, gymnastics, hip hop, funk, it’s all in there set to a upbeat energetic sound score that isn’t blasting or repetitive. With some ingenious inventive moves fused with classic moves and shapes flowing through the numbers.

The troupe are smart in matching black trousers and trainers. The boys showing off their moves sometimes supportive, sometimes competitive, solos and unison, the girl adding in amazing flexibility and very strong acting skills.

The lighting was entirely from a floor package which only partially worked. Deep saturated colour choices on black bodies was not very flattering and mainly caused multiple large shadows on the rear white cloth rather than illumination of the performance. For such physicality some classical dance side lighting would have been welcomed, along with some zoning to find the theatricality of the piece. What was presented was limited to the musicality rather than the performers.

The audience totally mesmerised, sometimes forgetting to clap – not wanting to interrupt the moment. But a well deserved standing ovation at the end!

Photo Credit: Dan Aucante